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Premium Questions. This usually settles once your child is wearing their glasses all the time. It is important to seek advice, as these squints can affect your child's vision. Surgery can also improve or restore binocular vision (helping your child to see depth better).Squint surgery is a very common eye operation which usually involves tightening or moving one or more of the eye muscles. An ophthalmoscope is a hand-held magnifier used by eye specialists to examine the back of the eye.Very occasionally a scan of the eye or the brain may also be needed.Treatment for a squint (strabismus) usually involves some or all of the following:The main treatment for amblyopia is to restrict the use of the good eye, in order to force the lazy eye to work. He started with squinting one eye and then the other, he has also been shaking more than usual (for a chihuahua). The difference in eye direction may be very slight, and may not always be present.
If treatment is started in older children then some improvement in vision may still occur but full normal vision in the affected eye is unlikely ever to be achieved.One of the problems with patching vision for amblyopia is that children don't want to wear the patch, and don't wear it enough for it to be effective. Knowing the nature of your child's squint and labelling it as accurately as possible can help to decide how it can be dealt with.If your child develops a squint it means each eye is looking in a different direction and their eyes are sending different pictures to the brain. Most of these can be overcome with time and with learning how to care and look after the glasses. This is normal and usually should get better by around two months and should be gone by the time they reaches four months. However, as your child's visual system is still developing the brain can easily adapt to stop this double vision by ignoring the image coming from the eye with the squint. The more a child needs to accommodate, the more their eyes will converge too.This means that if a child is long sighted and needs to accommodate to see better, this can cause their eyes to turn in too much towards one another and they may go on to develop a convergent squint (esotropia). Again, lots of encouragement with reward charts and stickers can help. Ask your child’s optometrist or dispensing optician for more information about how to deal with situations like these.Occlusion therapy can’t straighten the eye, but is used to improve the level of vision in an amblyopic or lazy eye. If your child is told they need to wear their patch during school hours, it’s important to explain to your child's teacher how and when the patch should be worn.Most children take well to wearing their patch and some may see it as a fun game. A squint develops when the eye muscles do not work together in a balanced way, so that the eyes do not move together correctly. In older children, surgery may be used to make the eyes look straighter. Consult a doctor or other health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Most children with a squint will be prescribed with a pair of glasses that they will need to wear all the time.You may notice when your child wears their glasses that their squint becomes less noticeable or disappears completely. However, botulinum toxin is not commonly used in children.Generally, the younger the child is treated, the quicker the improvement in vision is likely to be and the better the chance of restoring full normal vision.If treatment is started before the age of about 7 years then it is often possible to restore normal vision. The muscles for one eye also work and coordinate with the muscles from your other eye so that they can work together.When you are born, your eyes and brain have to learn to work together.

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