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This often occurs when a person (on TV) is explaining the steps to any given process to another person:“What I’m going to do is, I’m going to…” In 2nd person plural, “What we’re doing is, we’re going to…”I’ve heard this a lot in the mid-Atlantic states, but lately it’s infested patterns of speech throughout the United States…how about Canada? To add to the “…I mean,” is “….I feel like,” I have the pleasure of working with some folks that include these in every single spoken sentence. Drives me nuts!This is a great discussion! How to use all-time in a sentence. Home / Blog / Why We, Like, Say “Like” All the Time. I cannot remember any time that the person uttering that delusional phrase wasn’t in “political arts.”Uptalk is the new wave sweeping the youth, like wearing tights and having tattoos all over your arm.Sort of and right came right out of Britain. Also “umm, like”, and “ ya know” interspersed in many informal AND formal conversations. I don’t think most people realize how annoying it is, especially when it becomes a pattern of speech, which it often does. It’s mostly young females, but some young dudes do it as well. Thank you for addressing the awful speech patterns in our society. I find that contrary to the quality of education that many of us older folks received. I ache all over. Where did it come from and what were they thinking?And the speech pattern that led me to your page is the one I’ve observed in the voice overs on virtually all home improvement shows. I miss you ,(sentence dictionary)and miss you so much. Like things like “like” Feel free to share in the comments!
Maybe it is that when I hear those tones I think I’m about to be bitten.I absolutely abhor all of the speech patterns/words described here, however my biggest annoyance when it comes to TV voice overs is how extremely patronising and robotic they often sound.Amen!!! It is irritating. Instant shutdown.I completely agree with the annoying “no problem” response from a server after saying “Thank you”. It totally baffles me. (set phrase, frequency) Very often; frequently.Origin Abbreviation of all of the time… How did this start?I’m like… my husband uses it for every single thing. Those days when we were together appear in my mind time after time, because they were so joyful, happy, blest, disappointing, sad and painful. That reminds me of a form of uptalk, but also there’s a thing I notice where a person will have two pitches in their speech. Listen out for it ; it’ll shock you just how common it is!Charlotte, dropping the g has been around since I was a young teen, in the early 70’s.

Most annoying speech pattern of the decade? If, however, it’s something that is correctable, I would like to know how, (NOT to be more pleasing or acceptible to him), so that I might be less annoying to more diplomatic persons like yourself . I’m a Southerner but I absolutely hate it.Double negatives scream, “I am uneducated!” I once changed my child’s preschool because his teacher said, “We ain’t got no time for that.” (Ain’t is another awful one.) I can focus and absorb what they are saying so much more easily.More common, is hearing someone speak with various combinations of several of these patterns appearing in just one sentence! Socially, or even professionally, person to person, I don’t let them bother me too much.

Sounds unnatural.The broadcasters at a local TV newsroom think that sentences end with three periods. level that has ever been…. My husband and I both react as though we’re hearing nails on a chalkboard when people speak as though they’re trying to manipulate us. There’s a name for it, but I can’t remember what it’s called. )…and the latest affliction….’Wait…WHAT ? We're playing a losing game by trying to undercut our competitor's prices 16. “Yes, no, blah blah blah…”I’m British and can’t say I’ve ever heard anyone say “Yes, no…” to answer a question, so I’m pretty sure it’s not trendy amongst British speakers. Listening to our local news reporters causes so much stress!

First, they sound like they are pedaling up a hill. Everyone at school used to hype each other up about men 19. My fifteen year old son frequently accuses me of “picking on him” for the way he speaks/writes. 12.
These kids are expected to go out in the “real world” and magically transform into people they were once never expected to be. I don’t know, but it happens more often than you’d think.I didn’t read all the comments, so my apologies if this was already mentioned. All-time definition: You use all-time when you are comparing all the things of a particular type that there... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Language is too rich. My current pet hate is the need for the speaker to promise to tell the truth as in “To be honest, …” or “I’m not gonna lie, …” and then proceeds to reveal some piece of bland trivia!I also see an affectation of a stammer, emphasizing the last syllable of a word, of a sentence, the totally unnecessary use of “and so”, after starting with the ubiquitous “So,” and repetition of statements as if the listener is an imbecile. There are so many more.

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