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"The speech overthrew Claude Antoine Valdec de Lessart, whose accusation was decreed, and Jean Marie Roland, the nominee of the Girondists, entered the ministry. weigerte, erneut Girondisten in die Regierung zu berufen, wechselte Vergniaud wieder in das Lager der Republikaner.
Fils d'un maître d'armes, il reçoit une éducation moyenne, mais une bonne instruction. A lawyer.

Even his first Assembly speech, on the The question of whether Louis XVI should be judged, and if so by whom, was the subject of protracted debate. 43–44: "He won a signal victory....Thereafter, Vergniaud's reputation was made, and he took his place as the most eloquent of the advocates...."Bowers (1950), pp. Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud BirthdayThursday, May 31, 1753 BirthplaceLimoges, France DiedThursday, October 31, 1793 Occupation Lawyer EducationCollège du Plessis Vergniaud, Pierre Victurnien Born May 31, 1753, in Limoges; died Oct. 31, 1793, in Paris. Between the outbreak of the Revolution and his election to the Legislative Assembly the political views of Vergniaud had undergone a decided change.

Hardly had the great orator attained the object of his aim, the overthrow of Louis as a sovereign, when he became conscious of the forces by which he was surrounded. The great effort failed, and four days afterwards, Vergniaud and his whole party were further damaged by the discovery of a note signed by him along with Gaudet and Armand Gensonné and presented to the king two or three weeks before 10 August. His first few cases were successful enough, but before the end of his first year in practice he was handed the case of Marie Bérigaud, a local woman accused of promiscuity and a consequent infanticide.

Media in category "Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud" The following 6 files are in this category, out of 6 total. PIERRE VICTURNIEN VERGNIAUD (1753-1793), French orator and revolutionist, was born on the 31st of May 1753 at Limoges. The younger Vergniaud was first tutored at home by a Jesuit scholar, Abbé Roby, a master of ancient languages: it is likely that Vergniaud's lifelong love of After his studies were complete, Vergniaud went unsure of his direction in life. His tender affection for his relatives abundantly appears from his correspondence, along with his profound attachment to the great ideas of the Revolution and his noble love of country. By June the opposition of Vergniaud (whose voice still commanded the country) to the king rose to fever pitch. Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud wurde als Sohn eines Heereslieferanten geboren. Son père ayant connu des revers de fortune, le jeune homme entre au séminaire qu'il quitte bientôt, faute de vocation. Continuing for yet a little longer his course of almost frenzied opposition to the throne, on 3 July he boldly denounced the king as a hypocrite, a despot and a base traitor to the constitution.

Vergniaud's oration put the entire Revolution on trial, and, like Durieux, it was exonerated completely. He pronounced in favour of an appeal to the people. Have you asked for a scaffold to be raised for him?" Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud was a French lawyer and statesman, a figure of the French Revolution.

Their eyes turned with the somber disquiet of resentment to the superb château where they had so often gone to lower themselves by shameful homage, and from which, more than once, the caprices of pride... had spread like devastating torrents." With rising drama, he repeated the question four times to the hushed courtroom. He was kept under surveillance there for nearly a month, and in the early days of July was imprisoned in Bowers (1950), p. 29: "A microscopic investigation by the patient [French lawyer and writer Charles] Vatel failed to find any record of Vergniaud's life in Du Plessis, but his studies there are reflected in his speeches, showing the excellence of his classical training. The action of the great Girondist was followed by a similar verdict from nearly the whole party which he led. Vite repéré par Turgot, alors intendant du Limousin, qui lui procure une bourse au collège du Plessis à Paris, Vergniaud est envoyé par lui aux écoles de Bordeaux.

1781 wurde er als Rechtsanwalt beim Parlament zugelassen, ein Jahr später gewann er seinen ersten Prozess souverän. He carried poison with him, but never used it. Early on the morning of 31 October 1793 the Girondists were conveyed to the scaffold, singing on the way the Marseillaise and keeping up the strain till one by one they were guillotined. He reminded the court of similarly imprudent remarks that had recently been made in the National Assembly itself: "One of its members... speaking of those to whom the people owe their liberty [said], 'One must fall upon these people saber in hand.' The decree of accusation was voted, and the Girondists were proscribed. Soon after his first speech on October 25, however, he was elected president of the Assembly, for the usual brief term. Vergniaud had delivered one of the great speeches of his life, and now the provincial lawyer would be coaxed from all quarters to join the revolution at the national level.In 1789 Vergniaud had been elected a member of the general council of the département of the Gironde. Incensed members of the local aristocracy had attempted to quell the indecorum by firing shots in the air; met with rocks and stones, they turned their guns on the crowd and killed several peasants.

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