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Each bone buried at a team's graveyard has a chance to raise the Slayer level required to attack their avatar, and will restore Prayer points. Clans generally use certain level requirements, combined with a clan/friend chat for communication, to ensure a win in a Soul Wars game (with all clan members joining the same team). After going through the portal, the player will arrive at Nomad's camp, where players can exchange Zeal for rewards, learn how to play Soul Wars, or join one of two teams to play Soul Wars. To kill the other team's avatar, players must collect soul fragments/shards. As always, if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!The fact that Jagex is already working on a prototype for the mini-game, makes the possibility of soul wars being introduced into the game pretty big. Low level players can also stand near the Soul Obelisk to assist in its capture. Soul Wars Old School RuneScape started life as a backup of the old game dating from August 2007. There are various ways you can help your team win and increase your activity bar. Each time this is done, there is a chance that the avatar's Slayer requirement will rise by 1 level. Soul Wars has also been a great place for players to train Slayer, due to the Slayer monsters located in the arena. Other players trying to set up barricades in strategic locations may not always be able to do so because of the 10-barricade limit. Last month we talked about our initial prototype for bringing Soul Wars to Old School. Cooperation in team is needed to win a game of Soul Wars because of the high activity required to earn 3 Zeals. Similarly, the player base has been a lot more welcoming to the possibility of mini-games such as stealing creation, fist of guthix, and soul wars coming to osrs. There are many players in Soul Wars who intentionally don't help their team to win; instead, they actively try to make them lose or simply don't do anything useful at all. As noted above, this is done by killing the jellies (two shards per kill) and pyrefiends (one shard per kill) around the main battlefield and offering the resulting soul fragments to the Soul Obelisk. All information on mechanics, setups, and strategy are on the subpage.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Once you are in game, you should follow your friends chat's If players don't follow calls, games commonly end up in a tie or a loss. Player who do not have the required Slayer level to attack the jellies or pyrefiends can obtain shards by picking up those that other players have dropped upon death. Clans can generally be distinguished as either; attempting to win continually on a given world by gathering players with high combat skills, attempting to win by 'leeching' calls from higher-levelled clans for an advantage to win free Zeals (often called leech clans), or clans attempting to 'crash' a world by winning matches against that world's dominant clan (often called crashers). It is also recommended to talk to one of the custodians, outside of Soul Wars, while having Players will be able to obtain the following items during the game. The blue barrier will align the player with the The barriers are entrances to the waiting rooms of each team. They may set up a barricade in many places to hinder the opponents by simply left-clicking it in the inventory. The more fragments that are offered, the lower the Slayer requirement will be to kill the avatar. Players can be attacked regardless of combat level. These could be offered to the soul obelisk to weaken your opponent’s avatar. In serious cases, players may be kicked for inactivity as any target is defeated before they could attack. Going to another world will still make the penalty seven minutes. Players are, however, still able to conduct freeloading by picking up a full inventory of bones and then burying the bones whenever the activity bar gets low. This is also effective because the other team will have to run more to re-join the battle upon death, making it harder to keep control of a given area. Players cannot trade in Soul Wars using the traditional method, but they may use bandages on their teammates to heal lost life points or give bones, barricades, soul fragments, and explosives to their allies by Along with the bandages, players will discover that each supply area contains a table of barricades. Refer to it for help. If a player puts on the equipment stats interface, they will stay a ghost until closing the interface, when they will change back. This is because the number of players in each waiting room is usually unbalanced on official worlds. When activity is low a warning will be sent through the chat box explaining that you will be kicked from the game. 5 players per team are needed for the game to begin. This feature may be changed by There are a number of Soul Wars friend chats, most operating on official Soul Wars worlds. However, it is often difficult to even get to the other graveyard because white dots will most likely attack anyone attempting to leave. Players may attempt to restore the avatar's Slayer requirement by burying the bones of defeated foes in their own base or in a graveyard their team controls. 'Hopping' to another world doesn't reduce the penalty. The opposing team will thus only be able to bury bones in their own base in order to increase the avatars level. In Soul Wars, two opposing teams compete against each other to gather soul fragments and offer them to the Soul obelisk in order to weaken, and ultimately defeat, each other's avatars through combat. Players may also use the other team's supply area as well, which helps if there is a need to restock before fighting the avatar. It is located south-west of the bank, and west of the abandoned mausoleum. You can increase your chances of winning by joining a It is important to have your screen heading towards where the team's lobby is at once the game finishes and you are back on the starter lobby. This can be demoralising for those without the requirements to join a clan.

Each waiting room is a 10x9 rectangle with a torch on each corner. Note that the soul fragments will be won by the enemy who killed you; they will be visible to everyone. However, many will be left out.

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