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López Obrador, or Amlo as most call him, vowed to attack the social roots of crime, “It will be virtually impossible to achieve peace without justice and [social] welfare,” Amlo said, promising to slash the murder rate from an average of 89 killings per day with his “hugs not bullets” doctrine.Amlo also pledged to chair daily 6am security meetings and create a 60,000 strong "National Guard". Investigators barked questions at the man’s three accomplices as they lay bleeding in the corridor.Mayor González admitted it was “unreal” to expect an immediate end to Tijuana’s murder crisis but hoped the body count could be reduced and insisted the city’s “economic dynamism” remained unaffected.During an interview at Tijuana’s brutalist city hall he reiterated the president’s doctrine that crime would only be stopped by rehabilitating Tijuana’s “social fabric” and eradicating corruption.“Corruption is the mother of all evils, because it affects everything,” González said.Clark, the expert who has spent decades tracking Tijuana’s security situation, was pessimistic such tactics alone would work. Copyright © 2020 NBC Universal Inc. All rights reserved By the time Peña Nieto left office in 2018, Mexico had suffered another record year of murders, with nearly 36,000 people slain.The leftwing populist Andrés Manuel López Obrador took power in December, promising a dramatic change in tactics. Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on Tijuana. They’re fighting over the local market,” said Clark.That appeared to be what was at stake on the night of 8 October when dozens of heavily armed police descended on a petrol station after a drive-by shooting left four men injured, one critically.Illuminated in the the red and blue lights of emergency vehicles, a half-naked man lay in a pool of blood, shot through the thigh and fighting for his life.After a 10-minute race to the hospital, he was carried in past police with white skulls stamped on to their black uniforms and rifles slung from their shoulders.
“An accident,” a police investigator snapped, shooing reporters away as forensic science officers marked each of the entry holes with white cards marked A-K.The next evening 30-year-old Jesús Bernal staggered into an alley off Calle Belice, blood oozing from at least four separate gunshot wounds in his legs and wrists.As ambulance technicians strapped the blood-spattered man to a stretcher with silver duct tape, a police officer claimed he was a convicted burglar probably shot while trying to rob a local home.“It’s a punishment … a message,” speculated one of the first responders.But like so much of the bloodletting, the case would go unreported by newspapers, unnoticed by society and unsolved by the police.“These are killings that matter to no one,” Clark said.It has been just over a decade since a savage turf war for control of drug smuggling routes into the United States made Tijuana one of the most ill-famed cities on Earth.“You couldn’t go out because you were scared of what might happen,” recalled Dora Elena Cortés, a local journalist whose Negative headlines sparked government action and by 2012 the number of annual murders had plunged. Public shootings in Tijuana have increased in recent weeks. Tijuana has seen a methamphetamine-fuelled murder epidemic which produced a record 2,518 murders in 2018 and looks set to cause even more this year.

But those measures have yet to pay off, with the new security force used mostly to hunt Central American migrants.Mexico now suffers an average of about 96 murders per day, with nearly 29,000 people killed since Amlo took office.Last month Mexico’s security chief, Alfonso Durazo, In the first nine months of this year, Mexico suffered an average of close to 100 murders a day.Tijuana has seen a methamphetamine-fuelled murder epidemic which produced a record 2,518 murders in 2018 and looks set to cause even more this year.“The state has lost control,” said Victor Clark, a security expert and activist based in the city.To explore the violence blighting Latin America’s number two economy the Guardian spent seven days reporting from Tijuana – one of the world’s most deadly cities – between 4 and 11 October.The Guardian’s week had an unusually peacefully start, with not a single murder recorded in the first 24 hours, according to the newly elected mayor, Arturo González Cruz.González, a López Obrador ally, claimed that had not happened in several years and voiced frustration the media had ignored the achievement.But by day two the slaughter had resumed. In a country with nearly 100 murders a day President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has vowed to tackle the social roots of crime but change is slow to comeBrianna Rojas seemed her usual breezy self as she set off for work.“I’ll see you later!” friends remember the 20-year-old calling out as she headed to her insurance company’s bright yellow offices on Tijuana’s Calle del Carmen.But by lunchtime Rojas was dead – shot in the head at close range by an unknown assassin whose attack pushed the number of homicides here to almost 1,800 so far this year, and nearly 26,000 nationwide.When first responders arrived they encountered a fearful scene: the victim slumped backwards in a black swivel chair, her arms flopping downwards towards a pool of blood as if she had been caught completely by surprise.“She was a decent girl, a good-looking girl – she was always smiling,” said her longtime boyfriend’s father as shellshocked relatives gathered outside and crime scene officers prepared to transport Rojas’s body to the city’s overburdened morgue.“It’s devastating what is happening here,” said the man, who asked not to be named. Latest Coronavirus Impacts: 40 Community Outbreaks Reported in Past 7 Days, County Close to 30K COVID-19 Cases El Chapito Leal is a known criminal leader who operates and runs the Arellano-Félix Cartel based in Tijuana. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. One showed perhaps two dozen naked corpses sprawled on the floor, a putrid tangle of bloodied limbs. 1 Marine Dead, 8 Missing After Southern California ‘Training Mishap' Local News Stories, Entertainment News, Sports News, Health & Lifestyle News & General Interest News. A man was killed in Zona Rio’s Mariscos Negro Durazo restaurant earlier this month. $30 million …

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