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Al Walser (ur.16 lipca 1976 w Lozannie) – szwajcarski piosenkarz, DJ, autor tekstów i producent płytowy z siedzibą w Los Angeles w Kalifornii.Walser po raz pierwszy zyskał sławę jako członek niemieckiej grupy eurodance Fun Factory, z którą koncertował na całym świecie.

His 2012 single "I Can't Live Without You" was nominated for a Grammy Award in the field of Best Dance Recording.Al Walser won The New York … Web.

Billboard. N.p., 11 lutego 2013. strona.

N.p., 11 February 2013.

Al Walser is a Swiss-born Liechtenstein singer, songwriter, and record producer residing in Los Angeles, CA.

He talks about his relationship with God and how his spirituality guides his career.

"Grammy Day With Al Walser." Walser urodził się w Lozannie w Szwajcarii jako dziecko mieszkanki Lichtensteinui i Afrykańczyka.

In an Interview with Spin, Al Walser talks about his music and career after the 2013 Grammy Awards. N.p., 4 September 2013.

Rebecca Walser is a Top 100 US Advisor 1, a Tax Attorney, a Wealth Strategist, a Certified Financial Planner ® and now a #1 Bestselling Author of her first book, Wealth Unbroken – Growing Wealth Uninterrupted By Market Crashes, Taxes, And Even Death.. Ms. Walser is D I F F E R E N T … She has combined her years of financial experience and tax law expertise to … Web. "I Like This: Al Walser." I Walser, di voeult ciamaa anca Gualser, (in romancc Gualsers) hinn ona popolazion d'origin germanica (alemanna, in Alemann Walser el voeur dì abitant del Canton Valles) migrada ona prima vòlta intorna al VIII secol de l'area del Canton Berna del dì d'incoeu in del Valles Alt, e poeu de noeuv in del XIII secol in vari zònn de l'Italia, Svizzera, Liechtenstein, Francia e Austria. "Grammy Upsetter Al Walser Is Back, and He Wants His Money Now."


"Walser's Grammy nomination for "I Can't Live Without You" attracted much attention due to his low profile compared to his fellow nominees.

Al Walser won The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival Award for Best Music Video for his single "I Want My Mon…

Walser says "God is really my manager and my guidance. "Festival Awards." A Journal of Musical Things. "Grammy Upsetter Al Walser Is Back, and He Wants His Money Now." Spin. N.p., 2 sierpnia 2014. strona. Walser first gained fame as a member of German Eurodance group Fun Factory with whom he toured worldwide. Później stał się osobowością radiową w Liechtensteinie w Radio Liechtenstein, a następnie koncertował na całym świecie jako DJWalser napisał później książkę Musicians Make It Big: An Insider Reveals the Secret Path to Break in Today's Music Industry i założył wytwórnię płytową Cut the Bull Entertainment z siedzibą w W 2008 roku ukazał się jego debiutancki album Heart BreakerPhilip Sherburne. Walser (de l'alemany Walliser, vallesà, habitant del cantó de Valais (alemany Wallis) és el membre d'una població d'origen alamànic que va emigrar en el segle VIII de l'actual cantó de Berna al cantó de Valais, i d'ací en el segle xiii es va estendre en algunes valls veïnes que avui són part d'Itàlia, Liechtenstein i Àustria.

N.p., 4 września 2013. strona. It is part of the Bregenz district and due to the geographic location in the Allgäu Alps with its alpine terrain, the Kleinwalsertal has no direct traffic connection to the rest of Vorarlberg. Web. N.p., 2 August 2014.

"Grammy Day With Al Walser." Spin. Alagna Valsesia (Walser German: Im Land, Piedmontese: Alagna, Valsesiano: Lagna) is a comune and small village high in the Valsesia alpine valley in the province of Vercelli, Piedmont, northern Italy, a UNESCO World heritage site since 2013.It is a tourist place for mountaineering and winter sports, and it is internationally renowned for the freeride off-piste skiing. A Journal of Musical Things.

Kleinwalsertal is a part of Mittelberg in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg.. The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. Walser first gained fame as a member of German Eurodance group Fun Factory with whom he toured worldwide. Al Walser is a Swiss-born Liechtenstein singer, songwriter, and record producer residing in Los Angeles, CA.

Al Walser’s intimate red carpet party was a fun and energetic affair with lots of gorgeous young people to look at in a beautiful setting.

It is accessible only via Oberstdorf, Germany, to the north, and thus is an Austrian "practical exclave" or "pene-exclave". < Photo Credits: Vinni Ratcliff Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned freelance writer/publicist.

"I Like This: Al Walser." You may write to her at

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