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1,014 on the list of the richest people in the world, according to Forbes. Help Get directions, reviews and information for Arthur Rock & Company in San Francisco, CA. Ashlee Vance wrote in In 1961, Mr. Rock moved to Silicon Valley and created Davis & Rock, an early venture capital firm, with Tommy Davis. There has to be a lot more to this story. Rock bought 640,000 shares of Apple Computer for nine cents a share, an investment of about $57,000, and he became a director of the company.

His investments helped create many successful Silicon Valley companies. Once Rock invests in a venture, he is very loyal. He also wanted people who could make a contribution to the company in the way of expertise. Amazing how Madoff pulled one over on a legend like Arthur.There were no securities to ACAT out of. Investors Active in Silicon Valley . Investor Status. In 2008, Mr. Rock’s Once this maxim is forgotten, is it any wonder that innovation dies and that even the “smart money” crowd can be deluded by a huckster offering impossible returns for no risk?The worst thing one can do is forget one’s failures and only remember the successes. C. Richard Kramlich, with whom Rock had founded Arthur Rock and Associates in 1969, recalled that it took Rock about two hours to raise the money. Noyce's reputation was good enough. To fund the business, Rock assembled capital of $3.5 million from 25 limited partners, including Henry E. Singleton and Fayez Sarofim, a Harvard classmate. We put out a page-and-a-half little circular, but I'd raised the money even before people saw it." It took Rock 35 tries before he found a company that would supply the money they needed. All the kids One of Silicon Valley’s legends, Arthur Rock, invested with Bernard L. Madoff, according to the Mr. Rock, one of the founding fathers of venture capital, invested with Mr. Madoff through five trusts, according to the list.

There was practically nothing.

They have a home overlooking San Francisco Bay. This company was the first limited venture capital partnership.Davis & Rock invested in 15 companies, including Anadex Instruments, Inc., General Capacitor, Astrodata, Teledyne, Benrus Watch Co., and Scientific Data Systems (SDS), founded by the mathematician Max Palevsky. Mr. Rock was unavailable to comment and the person who answered the phone at his office could not confirm whether Mr. Rock invested with Mr. Madoff, though his office address matches the address in the filing. Mr. Rock helped found and finance Fairchild Semiconductor. "Rock married lawyer Toni Rembe, his second wife, on July 19, 1975. In 1957, when Mr. Rock was working as an investment banker at Hayden Stone, a New York firm, he heard from a group of eight scientists at Shockley Semiconductor Laboratories who wanted to start their own company. PE/Buyout.

Charts can be found on various organization profiles and on Hubs pages, based on data availability. helped the scientists, known as the “Traitorous Eight,” start Fairchild Semiconductor within Fairchild Camera and Instrument. "Bob (Noyce) just called me on the phone. As a distributor of static control products, packaging, cleanroom products, benches, chairs & material handling, we are dedicated to providing quality products and service at excellent prices. He makes up his mind quickly, acts decisively, and moves silently. In 2008, Mr. Rock’s net worth was $1.1 billion, making him No. Arthur Rock & Co. was a private equity firm specialized in seed, early venture and buyouts investments.

Rock is a great fan of the San Francisco Giants baseball team.
As far back as 1970 he spent time advising minority businesspeople. formed Arthur Rock & Company, another investment firm through which he helped Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore — two of the “Traitorous Eight” — form Intel, an investment that made Mr. Arthur Rock begins the interview with a discussion of his family and educational background.

Rock made 15 phone calls in one afternoon and raised $2.5 million. The man mentioned his son's predicament to someone at the investment banking firm. All the people who are going to die from not having shelter or food or medical services. Rock's company put $257,000 into SDS; the investment rose in value to $60 million and the company's sales went from $1 million to $100 million. Noyce called his good friend Rock, with whom he used to hike and camp.

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