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Athens (GA) for Bernie Sanders had 130 people at our event! (Photo/Foster Steinbeck)Local Democratic supporters attend the viewing party for the first night of the Democratic debate at Little Italy on June 26, 2019, in Athens, Georgia. We had folks from blue Athens-Clarke County and from surrounding red counties. I'm so glad you had a such a good turnout for your event. But, since it’s happening just an hour and a half away from Athens, it’s a big day for both nat…The Democratic debate in Atlanta showed the party views Georgia as a critical part of its future.The Atlanta Democratic debate on Nov. 20 featured a policy-oriented event with few fireworks.

Our July 29 meetup (which was only our second event) at the Athens-Clarke County library was a huge success! Local Democratic supporters attend the viewing party for the first night of the Democratic debate at Little Italy on June 26, 2019, in Athens, Georgia. APN breaks down the candidates, provides some analysis and offers a suggestion on how to vote. Mayor and Commission.

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Change your world. The values of freedom of equality include non-citizens more than it should. You have people who are going to have to clean up the mess that the boomers left,” Decker said.Decker expects the debate to center around the impeachment hearing, though he hopes they also talk about healthcare, taxing the 1% and the environment.In addition to these topics, students said they were interested in hearing policy plans about gun control, abortion and student loan debt.But Yang supporter Patrick Nercessian said these big-ticket topics are overdone, especially now that we’re on the fifth debate.“At this point, what more is there to say about healthcare?” the junior computer science major said. We had an age span from 20s - 80s. The democratic government depends on the control of resources, which requires military power and material exploitation. We could use your help.I've also invited all my POC friends to like POC for Bernie Sanders. No double rainbows, but blue skies as far as the eye could see!! The Young Democrats of Georgia is the state’s official youth arm of the Democratic Party. “We also want to foster a greater sense of community among our students and give them an outlet to discuss the tactics and events of the primary.”Check back with The Red & Black for live coverage of the Democratic debate from Atlanta.The University of Georgia’s Student Government Association’s Nov. 12 meeting addressed recen…Several hundred Democrats crowded into the Athens Cotton Press on Nov. 11 to listen to three candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate.The health of the environment is a crucial issue for the future of the country, but myths threaten to derail efforts to solve the problem.We know what you’re thinking — another debate? Previous. Instead, many of the candidates excelled during individual policy discussions.By trying to appease its activist base, the Democratic Party hurts its chances to select a candidate fairly and win the general election.Got some scoop for our reporters or editors? We are just getting started. He chooses different venues to encourage different people to come, which he said has been successful so far.The debate is hosted by MSNBC and The Washington Post. Due to the amount of candidates, the debate was split into two nights. “We’re clearly a battleground state, and Clarke County has a big role to play in that.”Shippy scouts out locations for debate watch parties, which the ACC Democrats have hosted for every debate.

not just voting for the presidential primary and general election choice. Click on the link below to send us your information.Read the full content of this special issue that explores the movement for racial justice in Athens and on the UGA campus. However, there are Democrats and progressives who live in these areas.

Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion Atlanta venue for fifth Democratic presidential debate shows Georgia’s political shift, Athens Democrats say Mayor Kelly Girtz; Patrick Davenport; Mariah Parker; Melissa Link; Allison Wright ; Tim Denson; Russell Edwards; Andy Herod; Ovita Thornton; Mike Hamby; Local Legislation.

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