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There are exciting games, basic Bible memory and two years of curriculum that encourage parents to be involved in their child's learning. [slug] => outreach Copyright © 2020 DOCECITY.COM. ) 4. [count] => 25

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As a way to motivate our Sparks and T&T clubbers, we award “Awana Shares” for Bible verse memorization, coming to AWANA prepared, bringing friends to Awana, and other positive choices.

*T&T (3rd-6th Grade) .... Review patches are earned for reviewing the entire handbook. (**Sparks). Getting to know you. [9] => WP_Term Object [term_taxonomy_id] => 899 4 Clubber of the. [name] => Home Resources ) [filter] => raw Each Puggle and Cubbie will be awarded small gifts to take home.The store is filled with items that kids love and is made possible by a portion of the registration fees, the church budget, and toy donations. [term_id] => 1270 04/03/2019. The store provides rewards for hard work.

[description] => Theme Night.

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[slug] => elementary ( [parent] => 0 [count] => 12 Nov 28, 2015 - (This post is not to express an opinion about whether using Awana Shares, or Bucks, or any other similar type of incentive is appropriate or not, but rather if you use them, to have you cons… 15-Mar. [term_group] => 0 [slug] => gifts ( [slug] => leaders-and-volunteers [filter] => raw [term_taxonomy_id] => 900 [description] => [taxonomy] => product_cat

They can "save" their dollars for purchase of the larger more "expensive" items. ) [taxonomy] => product_cat ( [name] => Awards [slug] => early-childhood-preschool Now you can work with all the Sparkies in your group, together or individually, regardless of what book or section they are on!You'll be refreshed drinking out of this shatter-resistant plastic bottle that looks like a vintage mason jar.

( Good(n): that which is morally right; righteousness. [slug] => spanish-resources

[count] => 77 [parent] => 0 Awana dollars can be used for nightly team awards, or individual effort, or both. [6] => WP_Term Object [term_taxonomy_id] => 51 [slug] => events [term_group] => 0 [term_group] => 0

Truth & Training Director.

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[8] => WP_Term Object Not recommended for Cubbies. 9/20/17. Banana Night. 27. [name] => Leaders and Volunteers [filter] => raw So whether you're planning for your club launch in the Fall or wanting to print something out for your kids this week, you will find some fun activities in each Activity Pack! This is a great way for you to clean out those no-longer-played-with toys and help keep the Awana store costs down. [term_taxonomy_id] => 899 [count] => 26 (Oxford Dictionforget about the downloadable activity pages for each Sparks handbook! As we start out, we want you to know that all of the teachers and volunteers are excited about helping your child learn about God’s love for us. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." [filter] => raw Showing 1–12 of 94 results. [0] => WP_Term Object 28. [parent] => 0 [term_group] => 0 Grades 9-12.Brooks Farrell. [description] => Donations can be brought to the church office, marked for the Awana store, or given to the AWANA Commander.

We convert the points to "AWANA dollars". [term_group] => 0
[slug] => events [0] => WP_Term Object [term_id] => 1770 [description] => [taxonomy] => product_cat [filter] => raw You will need tables, workers, merchandise, Awana dollars. Showing 1–12 of 77 results.

Subscribe to the Legacy Coalition Newsletter. [11] => WP_Term Object [term_id] => 1124 [name] => Events [taxonomy] => product_cat What are your favorite "Awana Store" ideas? [taxonomy] => product_cat [term_group] => 0

[term_taxonomy_id] => 902 ) Apr-18 - Paper Airplane Night (**T&T).Oct 25, 2017 - Date. Shelly Murray is going to photograph items from the store and post them in an album on the “ISBC Awana Home Handbook Time” Facebook Group. AWANA.Aug 22, 2018 - Hawaiian Shirts/Outfits & Special Game Time. Los niños explorarán el significado de la gracia de Dios y su influencia en nuestras vidas. [description] =>

[slug] => last-chance-items [parent] => 0 You will need tables, workers, merchandise, Awana dollars.

[11] => WP_Term Object [term_group] => 0 [term_id] => 1121 [name] => Leaders and Volunteers [term_taxonomy_id] => 51 [4] => WP_Term Object ( See more ideas about Class store, School spirit store, Awana. [description] =>

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Crazy Boot Night. What are your price points for it? [count] => 12 Getting to know you. Access offers and Awana Promo Codess straight from your mobile device. AWANA Store - Puggles.

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However, Puggles and Cubbies will not go home empty-handed on the nights the “big kids” get to go to the store. So, we have decided to do a virtual Awana store. [slug] => middle-school-high-school ( )

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