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I remember seeing the calliope in a parade or at a carnival or fair when I was young, but I saw it most of..

Finnish Now, it should be noted that Mr. Booker grew up in Biloxi (BUH-lux-ee) and was speaking to an audience in Sweden or France when he pronounced the name of the city thusly. Well, maybe not so old-fashioned: The calliope is actually a piece by the artist Ka.. 21/10-14 Calliope Street, Guildford NSW 2161

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Moderate rating The local language is well-suited to the local person. ratings 42 Talaba Road, Calliope QLD 4680

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English German New Orleans city planner Barthelemy Lafon designed the streets in 1810 when Ancient Greek style was the style. rating

Through the Viewfinder: Calliope Word of the day - in your inbox every day rating Please add your thoughts to the comment stream below, or write (rite) to

Hindi Dave Ludt directs.

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