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The seventh thru tenth floors were divided into two large open areas, some of which were divided to suit office tenants. Window infill varies around the building and in the courtyard, and include recessed brick panels, glass block and metal louver units. The building houses the Dept.

In the course of these renovation most historic fabric was removed, and any original open plans have been partitioned for offices.

Read More 1 Generally the floor plan consist of private offices and building services accessed off of a double loaded corridor that circles the floor. The introduction of a revolutionary engraving process for map making helped propel production costs downward, and greatly expanded the company business. This elevation also breaks with the rectilinear shape of the building. The laboratory spaces on the tenth floor of the building have fluid-applied floor coatings, and there are limited areas of painted concrete and quarry tile floors in the basement. This district has been recognized for its significance by inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places on March 2, 1978.

Window locations approximately mirror those corresponding on the street elevations, and there are several openings that have been altered or removed. The second floor housed the company administrative offices, stock room, and counting room. There was no The completed building reached a height of 297 ft (91 m) and was dedicated by President The Federal Building was constructed over a steel frame with exterior walls of brick sheathed with 500,000 sq ft (46,000 mThe base consisted of a central entry on each facade flanked by eight bays of windows. The plan is usually consistent throughout the building, however, the corridor placement and configuration does vary on some levels. There were flag poles mounted at each pilaster, however, these were removed when the entry was shifted north to serve a single tenant. The interior space was designed to accommodate both the production plant and administrative offices of the company.Rand McNally and Company formed in 1868 in Chicago, and specialized in railroad printing. Some tenants have large open office aras with systems furniture. The building took seven years to construct because government policy at the time was to appropriate only enough funds for each contract as it was awarded. The ceiling has been lowered with an acoustical ceiling tile grid.

There is a pair of motorized swinging iron gates at the vehicle courtyard entrance, as well as a coiling security system. The east lobby is far more detailed and finished than the west lobby, and includes marble veneer and stairs, terazzo floor surfaces,a coffered plaster ceiling and aluminum elevator doors.

The Bank building was completed in 1922. There is a former public entry on the west elevation, which is only distinguished by the recessed doors and a wider bay. Each bay contains three windows, and the pilasters are treated similar to those on Clark Street. In 1890 the company moved into a new building designed by the notable Chicago architectural firm of Burnham and Root, where it remained for 22 years.During this period the company outgrew this building, and commissioned the architectural firm of Holabird & Roche to design a new publishing plant. Chicago’s Federal Plaza — an assemblage of striking buildings in the heart of the Loop — was designed to express the best ideals of American government and democracy: Openness, strength, beauty and modernity. The Congress Parkway elevation is the plainest of all elevations, probably because it was not intended to be exposed. The building measures approximately 299' by 216', and is 10-stories in height. Rand McNally produced an illustrated pamphlet about the building in 1929.The first floor had space for 15 individual storefronts with room for shopping and receiving a garage. There is a large (68' by 128') courtyard in the middle of the rectangular building to bring daylight into the core offices. Typical finishes in the tenant spaces include carpet tile, vinyl composition tile, rubber base trip and suspended acoustical tile ceilings.

The exterior doors are replacement aluminum storefront systems, some with transom lights above. The most intact interior spaces are the east and west lobbies. Various areas have partitioned walls formed by a pointed metal panel system that date to 1950's and 1960's office renovations by the government.The Federal Building was originally constructed by the Rand McNally Company to house its growing publishing operations. The building abuts concrete sidewalks on three sides, and elevated train tracks pass parallel to the Lasalle Street elevation.

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