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As you can see, there are many options on how to serve a traditional British Christmas pudding.Let me know if you make a Christmas pudding as I’d love to know what you think! so if made at least one month in advance, and using brandy to season it, how often do i add brandy to it? Also, yes, cranberries work, but the flavor will be different than a traditional pudding. Just found your site. You advance to new levels by accumulating Prestige Points or stars. Do you always use the suet? Is it completely saturated with brandy and then this is evaporated off over time? That makes sense, of course, but maybe you need to introduce it to your Corsican side of the family! I feel I can smell this pudding from all the way over here in Atlanta, GA!It’s probably the same as the UK’s Christmas Cake! Most are pretty similar so I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised, Lorraine. ?Hi Jeff, I think it might not be British as Christmas pudding is similar to Christmas cake, but one is baked and one is steamed. I personally wouldn’t use one if it’s made in China due to the high lead content of most of their products. It is on the culinary bucket list.It really isn’t a big fuss, Cathy, as long as you’re going to be home for 6 hours! Also i would ask after it is cooked, you said to store it in a cool place like a cub-bard or closet? To be honest, you may like it better if it’s the first time you’ll be having it. Thank you for the kind share!! !Yes, a big British influence, Deborah! The brandy is not so much to make the pudding float, but a good dousing is appropriate.

Levels are one of the key mechanics of the game. I have not had this before but am curious to try the vegetarian version.I recently visited the UK and loved the culture and the food that I discovered there! They let you unlock new equipment, recipes, customers, stories, quests, interior and exterior items, as well as new features such as townships. Good luck! I am 78 and was raised in Canada. Thank you so much for this.That’s marvelous, Sandi! I just posted a Christmas pud is usually made in the in the middle of November.

Source Image: I have a 250 year old Christmas pudding recipe I’ve been using for 20+ years to make around 25 12oz puddings as gifts each year. This is very like the ones my Mother made in October every year, and I vividly remember the excitement of seeing that little corner of greaseproof paper sticking out of my portion of The Pudding.

Love old and authentic recipes!I love the traditional Britsh cousin. Layers of fruit custard ect. The recipe is quite different from yours.
I made my first mincemeat this year and I’ve been living in the UK for some time now, felt like this is the time :) Love your pudding, I’ll pin the recipe to my British Food board!A good Christmas pudding is so hard to make. The longer the better! The hardest part was finding the ingredients here in Minnesota! It sounds good except for the alcohol.I’m looking for a plumber pudding w/ a sauce that my x mother-in-law use to make,of course she wouldn’t let anyone help so I’m not positive of ingredients but would like to ask a ?, Can’t your recipe be cooked another way other then stove top.i recalled she use to put her s in oven.Yes, that’s hard when you have no idea what recipe she used, Vickie. i am an American who has British friends that i write to from here in the U.S.A. It will look like this.Put the mixture into the buttered bowl and flatten the top.Cut a disc of waxed or parchment paper the size of the top, butter it and place on top of the pudding mixture.Place the paper and foil over the pudding basin, then tie some string under the lip of the bowl, leaving extra string to tie over the top to form a handle, tying it on the opposite end.If you don’t have a steamer, like me, place a trivet in a pot and fill the water so that it’s halfway up the bowl and use a tight fitting lid.Once you’ve taken the bowl out of the pot, remove the aluminum foil and waxed/parchment paper, wipe the bowl and replace with clean paper. I have a gas stove and since its is to be steamed I would think it should be brought to a boil and then reduced to the lowest setting and covered adding water every hour, for the six hour duration. Making it just five days before Christmas won’t give it time to mature. An impassioned Italian Scot sharing how to cook authentically, and travel with enthusiasm.One of the main goals of my site is to introduce and promote British food to my readers–you probably already know that. SOOO GOOD. I would love to flow it up.Christina, i just found this recipe and your suite. ?I haven’t done it myself, but yes, that should work, Sharlee! Carefully light the pudding (please do this in a safe area), then when the flame extinguishes, cut and serve with brandy sauce or butter (recipes coming! Until I got to “steam for 6 hours”… Although I suppose it doesn’t require much attention during that time, other than a peek to see if the water’s running out.Absolutely, Frank. Be sure not to boil it.If you heat the brandy in a pot, pour it over the pudding and carefully light the pudding with a long match. It’s too late for this year, as we leave for Europe soon, but next year for sure!

Enjoy! CCThis sounds a lot like fruit cake. I also have a pic of them standing in front of their confectionery store, prob taken in the 1880’s.Hi Deborah, although it’s not real suet, I often sub Atora which I get when I’m in the UK. Thanks for responding; I can’t believe I didn’t catch that, but was so thinking about a baked dessert!What – no silver charms or silver threepenny pieces!

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