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: More important, India needs to get laggard companies out of state hands to help them grow again and make them competitive in world markets. The fares on the single headed trains were competi 81. 42. See more. These clients rely upon the company to develop quality, competitively priced products in accordance with rigidly monitored specifications. 2. 3. 112. Competitively definition, of, pertaining to, involving, or decided by competition: competitive sports; a competitive examination. They worked hard together, competitively and under pressure. competitive.

48+1 sentence examples: 1. 1. Both are competitively priced, well built and have done well on road tests. 3. The mandarinate or official class is recruited from all ranks of the people by competitive examination.

Competitively lower rates to approved customers may be available. 4. These businessmen are both competitive and honorable. 4. Zedrovski raced competitively to finish in second place, a length and three quarters back.

2. 156+17 sentence examples: 1. 1. 45. 0. We are unable to tender competitively for the contract. Competitive definition is - relating to, characterized by, or based on competition. : Sellers believes few jockeys really can naturally keep a competitive weight.
Alex was competitive by nature, but being a veterinarian had always been his dream. 9) One of the most productive[],( The prices of these cars are pitched extremely 21) The Renault design team clearly succeeded in their intention to offer big car comfort in a 22) Does he accept that the way to solve the problem is for workers to provide goods and services that are 23) Belfast International Airport has three major advantages ... primarily, that it offers Ireland's most 24) He's not sure whether he'll be able to continue skiing 25) As remarked earlier, to treat the corporate sector as acting perfectly 26) They usually offer a wide selection of lines, and are very 27) The problem confronting software developers remains the high cost of creating and 28) Porsche said its new 911 Carrera 4s would be very 30) Beta - exotoxin is an inhibitor of RNA polymerase and acts Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: competitively Sentence Examples. 2. These businessmen are both competitive and honourable. The money saved through the use of less energy means more High-end brands would certainly have you think so, but these days it's not just the usual suspects that offer Ink Sell: The product selection on InkSell is solid and LCD televisions tend to be a little thicker than their plasma counterparts, but are priced just as New laptops--both in terms of recent models and unopened--are generally priced the same, if not It is regarded as a premium dog food on the market, and it is As the organic trend continues, however, it's likely we'll see prices drop so that organics are as Throwing their hat into the great online video game rental ring, newcomer Gamma Gamer enters the match with a good selection of games and It is now considered one of the grandparents of modern ballroom dance, and is celebrated today both socially and However, many of the dance techniques remained in other forms of dance such as the Foxtrot (danced Joining a swim club is a great way to perfect your technique, get to know other local swimmers, and, of course, get the opportunity to swim You probably won't want to choose a tankini suit if you plan on swimming The blenders have a reputation for quality blending action and durable construction while being priced very One of the first things you should do, if you plan on playing Scrabble Other candle holders are mass produced and are much more The organization offers 180 high-quality foods priced Sterling silver is less costly than gold or platinum therefore a cubic zirconia set in silver can be very His continued success allowed him to introduce Marc by Marc Jacobs in 2001, a Coupon Sense is fresh, easy to navigate, updated daily, interactive, and very Amazon also offers free delivery for many items and this means that they can be very Although the products at Addicted to Rubber Stamps are always Unlike buying a sports bra for running, which must be tried on, these are sold in Experimental work shows that losartan (tho not its active metabolite) The networking option allows multiple monsters to collaboratively or The budget-minded sets on the market are fine for family barbecues, but if you are considering entering badminton The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. See more. You see, we need to stay Competitive definition, of, pertaining to, involving, or decided by competition: competitive sports; a competitive examination. Despite a laid-back image, Mickelson is highly competitive and a keen betting man who wants to win every activity he tries. They do not represent the opinions of Find descriptive alternatives for competitive. 5. Synonyms for competitive at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.
Competitive sentence examples.

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