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2560x1440 for a 32 inch? I want to buy this monitor for few weeks now and after reading this, I really don't see why not buy it right now. Unfortunately, there is no aiming point available. The S3220DGF is a DCI-P3-native display and it uses that gamut for all content regardless of signal type. I use a 4k on a 27'. Certainly not saying any are fake, but when I see so many positive reviews for ANYTHING, it raises a red flag. The Dark Stabilizer boosts black levels to make shadow detail more visible.HDR signals lock out most image controls, but there are four different modes available. The wires are of higher quality than most with thick insulation and beefy connectors.Styling is unmistakably Dell, and the S3220DGF’s gaming intentions are not obvious at first glance. Its a great monitor - the curve doesn't bother me at all (which was one of my main concerns because gaming is maybe 2-5% of my total time) and the adjustable stand is nice. I haven't noticed any flickering yet but use HDMI cables for my personal machines... Lastly, I work in a well lit room and really have no problems with glare or being able to see the monitor during the bright part of the day. Our only complaint here is that there’s no sRGB mode. We found the second overdrive setting, Super Fast, to be the best compromise between blur reduction and ghosting. The bezel is super-thin at 7mm around the top and sides and 19mm across the bottom. There are no built-in speakers, but there's a 3.5mm analog output for headphone (you can find recommendations on our The S3220DGF’s OSD takes on Dell’s usual all-business style, but there are plenty of gaming features included.

Go to the Nvidia Control Panel (right-click the desktop, then click Nvidia Control Panel from the drop-down menu) on your computer (Figure.1 NVidia Control Panel)Go to Manage 3D settings and ensure the monitor technology is set to G-Sync (Figure.2 Manage 3D Settings)Proceed to Set up G-SYNC panel and follow these steps: (Figure.3 Set Up G-Sync)Check the box next to Enable G-Sync, G-Sync … :p Alright, so I bought this monitor based on this review. I know it's not officially supported but the review here says they were able to get it working. Posted by 5 months ago. Best settings for Dell S3220DGF. The first four can be programmed for quick access to a variety of functions, like brightness/contrast or input selection.The back is completely smooth with only an iridescent Dell logo on the upright, which also includes a hole for cable management. © Scrolling is almost unnecessary since you can easily fit an entire word processing page on the screen while keeping type at a readable size. Bundled cables are IEC power, USB 3.0, HDMI and DisplayPort. That means SDR material will have a little too much red and green. There are gain and offset controls for white balance, plus hue and saturation sliders for all six colors.

The Game menu also has a FreeSync toggle and a three-level overdrive control. I did and I can hardly see anything lol. Desktop is the most accurate one with spot-on color and luminance curves. Games with organic shapes and textures could use the more-aggressive Extreme option, but when straight lines dominated the image, we saw a few black streaks.The monitor isn't certified to use G-Sync Compatibility, but we got it running with those same games at a wide range, 100 fps to 165 fps, with an We find QHD to be the best balance between detail and performance. I was really excited but I found myself quickly let down. Eight are fixed and designed for different game types. Model S3220DGF Horizontal scan range 30 kHz to 250 kHz Vertical scan range 48 Hz to 144 Hz (HDMI) 48 Hz to 165 Hz (DP) 48 Hz to 164 Hz (DP FreeSync) Maximum preset resolution 2560 x 1440 at 60 Hz with HDCP 2.2 2560 x 1440 at 165 Hz (DP) 2560 x 1440 at 144 Hz (HDMI) Supported video modes Model S3220DGF Video display capabilities (HDMI/DP) I have had this monitor for about 5 weeks now. The Dell S3220DGF is an ideal 32-inch monitor for people needing a practical work and high-performance gaming screen. Though we didn't get quite the same wraparound effect as a large 21:9 screen, the S3220DGF amply filled our peripheral vision.

It has great coverage of the Adobe RGB color space used in photo editing and the decent ergonomics allow you to adjust it to a comfortable working position. There are no gamma options, but default luminance tracks reasonably well. Basically its gonna be for codmw mostly...I havent messed with the settings much as I havent had time and all I've done is turned Freesync on and enabled G-sync, HDR, 165hz.not sure what settings I could lower ingame with it being a higher res or should I keep it optimized with geforce experience?Just recently got back into PC gaming after since maybe 2012ish, console was just more convenient for me but I built a new PC due to crossplay and i missed having a pc that could handle they calibrated the screen, it made mine looking better than the standard profile.Nice! I too have been reading up on this monitor lately, as I am also interested in possibly buying it. The Dell S3220DGF is a good monitor for those who want to use it for media creation. Am I misunderstanding something here?I find this monitor to represent dark areas WAY too bright - ironic when everyone is raving about black levels. God knows what the specs were on that thing..check this review, they seems doing it professionally: I don't understand how all these sites say to set the brightness all the way down to 35. The other three may suit some users’ preference, but we found they added a bit of unneeded edge enhancement.There's no need for calibration when the S3220DGF is in its default Standard mode. You will receive a verification email shortly.There was a problem. New York, Work tasks are a pleasure with so much height available. And love this monitor. You’ll see in our tests later just how good this monitor is.The S3220DGF ships in three pieces and assembles without the need for tools.

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