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She lied, at first, by scheduling a meeting with Colin and his boss, and not telling the boss that the meeting was scheduled. This Seasons full ratings
Looking at how the finale played out for each major character. But everyone knows Dracula never really dies; he gets resurrected all the time in every old movie or book we see or reads. ), having realized that humans pose a threat to his "kind," rebuilt Delores as Charlotte. While Homecoming season two tries to reach this same level of excitement and intensity as season one, it never quite gets there.

Sounds like hell. After getting to the Geist farm and finding Leonard (which....happens in a remarkably easy fashion), Walter and Leonard hatch their plan (which we eventually realize involves erasing...everyone's memory). She's just too good.) But in the end, she couldn't stop Walter from feeling like something is missing. We bring you a comprehensive and up to date spoiler service on all the major US TV shows and Movies. “You’re not old. Leonard's gift was his ability to bring in followers who were too interested in being part of the next big thing to care about the repercussions.This speech was Leonard's final warning to his workers who were so hungry for profits they never thought twice about blindly following him and now army official Francine Bunda (Joan Cusack). As stylish, well-acted, and compelling as it can be, Homecoming's second season simply can't find its way out of the shadow of the first. A woman wakes up in a boat - with no memory of how she got there, or even who she is. Full TV Ratings You can tell that he feels that something is wrong, but not sure what. Simple TV Calendar Alex encouraged her, then, to lie about everything. Only a third of the hosts managed to enter the valley beyond. But Bernard (and Ford? She's still in the park. Is that an effect of the serum too? [This story contains major spoilers for the first season of Amazon's Homecoming.]. Jackie tries to inject Walter with the syringe, but he is tipped off, and redirects it to instead go into her own arm. At this point, though, things go awry for Audrey. But Charlotte's body is still very much ... alive? She delegates the planning of the party to employees under her (who were previously rude to her) and just when things seem to be going OK, Alex, memory blanked, returns. Perhaps the entire season (for William) was just a fidelity test, forcing him to relive the worst week of his life over and over again. Sure, you can quickly identify all of the Hargreeves siblings and their corresponding numMore allegations against the executive producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show have come to light — but this time, concerning claims of widespread sexual mPicking up mere seconds after the end of the first season, The Umbrella Academy has done it again: Our seven misfit super-siblings caused yet another apocaFollowing Naya Rivera’s death, fans of the actor have been looking back at her career, from her starring role on Glee to her appearance as a little kWarning: Major spoilers ahead for Umbrella Academy season 2 finale, “The End of Something.”  For just a few moments of The Umbrella Academy seasonSuffice it to say, vacations aren’t happening in same way they usually do this year.
While Colin and Ron (his boss) eventually find out about Audrey's scheme and push back, Audrey does eventually rise up and take their jobs and they are both fired. We may earn a commission through links on our site. She's a receptionist who's frequently mistreated by her unethical and dim-witted boss, Colin Belfast (Bobby Cannavale, who returns for a brief cameo in Season 2). Cancellation Table The mistakes he made. Photo Gallery Here's what happened at the end of season 2 and where Delores, Maeve, Bernard, and Charlotte are now. He hops in his truck, looks over the file, and drives off as the season comes to a close. Season 2 Homecoming Critics Consensus. She finds Walter—who's been temporarily incarcerated—and bails him out of jail. “I just know what it’s like to wake up like that," she says. Homecoming's second season tells an entirely new story, but one in the same space as the first season. When Alex tries to hit him with the syringe, he turns it on her, and when he realizes what's happening, he runs. People drop like flies, leaving Audrey for last. “This is what we wanted,” Audrey, the newly crowned boss of Geist, says before throwing hers back.To have them unknowingly ingest the serum is a cruel punishment and it's hard to know whether Leonard feels it was the right decision. This relationship culminated in the question of whether or not Bernard wanted his "kind" to survive. Episode Database Has he reached the center that Ford, insinuated at the end of season 1? So DC is now Delores once again.

“I fucked things up pretty good,” he says. In the human world, DC used these pearls to resurrect hosts. (The same way he performed a fidelity test on James Delos.) A few days back, season two of the psychological thriller series named Homecoming premiered on Amazon Prime Video. While it's certainly not easy to wrangle an A-list, Academy Award-winning actress to star in your series, the first season of With Heidi's memory returned as of the end of the first season of Either way, these aren't things we have to think about too much as of right now; if a third season of Homecoming Season 2 seems to wrap the story up pretty neatly, but we are left with a loose thread. Alex's job is to make problems go away for wealthy businessmen like Leonard Geist (Chris Cooper), the founder of the Geist company, who didn't even know about the Homecoming program.

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