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The filming of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet was becoming more and more intolerable with reported on and off set difficulties. In 2000, series 1, set in Germany, was ranked number #46 on the The first series, co-produced by Witzend Productions and The "building site" used for most of the filming was a set created on the backlot of the former The show was one of the first to use lightweight video cameras on location in drama production. Gary Holton died in 1985 after overdosing on drugs and before the filming of the second series finished. Gary arrived at the front door and told his friends he was there "Seeking sanctuary". His friends drove off and Gary was seen leaving the pub alone walking towards his home in Maida Vale.Gary didn't just look over the edge of life on the night of 24 October, he was about to step over it. But it was too late.Simon was due at Gary's flat the following day to discuss his problems further. His Mother, Father and two brothers cried openly as his coffin, adorned with an eight foot floral guitar, arrived. For a moment he seemed convinced. With his cockney accent, he became a popular In December 1975, the Kids signed with producer Mickie Most's RAK label, but before work could begin on their next album, Holton was sacked amid a storm of drink- and drug-related headlines. The cheekiest chappie this side of Millwall docks had completely vanished. I don't see enough of my Mother or two brothers, my biggest problem is the effect my publicity has on my family.On returning to the UK it was discovered that The Star were running further stories on Gary when it was alleged that his former-agent had locked Gary away for a month in an attempt to rid him of his drug addiction.
However, the closing credits were accompanied by The special-effects depicting the dismantling of the bridge were so realistic that many people believed it was really being removed, forcing the BBC to add a caption to the final episode reassuring them that it was still there. He played Wayne. Grey faced, washed out and washed up. The series was incomplete at the time so often excuses were made as to his abscence in indoor scenes, and other times such as a scene where Bomber manhandled Wayne are done with a body double. We were trying to keep him and the show going.Gary spent the night before he died in the Warrington Hotel in Maida Vale, London. It worries me that the kids think it's glamorous and exciting when it's not. After beating his addiction it was all thrown back in his face. At closing time Gary told his friends about a record he had made. The series was not filmed in chronological order so he is present in the final episode yet absent during earlier Spanish indoor scenes. and some say mixing alcohol with the above.

If you think back to television programmes in the 1980s there's not too much to get excited about, and if you were one of those 10,806,000 viewers who tuned into ITV on Friday 11 November 1983 at 9pm then you would've been forgiven if you thought Auf Wiedersehen, Pet was a German language programme. Most of them escape uninjured, except for Oz who sustains a painful injury to the rectum protecting a female staff member (while they are having sex) from a bomb.
A distraught Jahnet tried to revive him by shaking his body and shouting his name. Gary had also arranged to meet his manager and friend, John Harwood-Bee, to discuss his financial situation on the same day. In late 1977, Holton rejoined the band for a handful of live shows and the long-delayed third album, Whilst the band was popular in Sweden, they had little commercial success in Britain although in 1976 their single "She's No Angel" was regularly played on In 1980/81, Holton hooked up with Casino Steel, a musician from Norway and in the following years released a couple of (in Norway) bestselling albums. Jimmy did say in his book that he threatened to give him a good hiding just to scare him into coming in on time etc.

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