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No Spoilers. The lyrics are fucking garbage... and yet I love this thing. 12 comments. It sounds weird but generic at the same time on the first listen. u/Jarjarjesse.

Mastering Die Lit is true power." Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services.

AOTY 2019 Write Up: Playboi Carti - Die Lit.
Lil Pump is apparently mumble rap. level 1.

2. And honestly, I understand why my past self didn't like this at first. expect my score to nose dive when my medication wears offFINAL VERDICT: Building off the sounds he first began exploring on his self-titled debut, Die Lit sees Playboi Carti really living up to his album title as he outdoes himself on his sprawling sophomore album. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If you've followed me since the start of my AOTY account you'll know how much this albums score fluctuated. Low quality memes with Coop copy pasted into them?New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castA subreddit for fans of David Lynch's and Mark Frost's wonderful and strange television series. Die Lit is all cream filling, no Oreo. Every day updated. 1 year ago. 10 months ago.

Die Lit is a near masterpiece and perhaps even one of the greatest Trap Rap albums of the entire decade. Better than scorpion and invasion of privacy but they got nominated for AOTY. AOTY 2019 Write Up: Playboi Carti - Die Lit.

Lil Peep was a mumble rapper despite not rapping, and enunciating his words extremely clearly at the top of his lungs.I just deleted my review to replace it with, let's say a quite interesting story.Had nicki not been on here this would be an 100 btwPlayboi Carti is a master lyricist and here's some of his best bars to proof that:Learning shitass language for an hour wasn’t nice experience at all Posting memes and other content outside our purview may result in a ban. It’s letting a 4-year-old pour his own salad dressing then watching as he absolutely floods his plate with Hidden Valley Ranch. Posted by 22 days ago.

share. Archived [No Spoilers] DIE LIT AOTY. Close. Every ad-lib, claustrophobically minimalist instrumental, and guest feature is employed to maximum effect, allowing Playboi Carti to hit every note his sound is capable of manifesting.
Join the biggest FIFA Ultimate Team Community on the internet - Create Squads, Check Prices, Search the Database, and find FIFA 20 - 10 stats. 192. Posted by. Who gives a fuck about an award lmao. It literally makes me lose brain cells. We live inside a dream...Press J to jump to the feed. Taylor Swift has come with fifteen years of hate for the music she's released in her young age, shifting from up-and-coming country artist to pop megastar before the age of 25. [No Spoilers] DIE LIT AOTY.

I'm all about niche and that's why I made a page on FB(No Wave Memes for Dissonant Teens) but I'm going to start sharing my OC here as well!I love this pic so much and I always keep coming back to look at it.Is this really what this sub is going to turn into? Sure, it may be a little long-winded, and it took me (and many others I'm sure) time to warm up to Carti ... "Mastering others is strength.

So I 100% understand why some people would be turned off.

Why?If you've followed me since the start of my AOTY account you'll know how much this albums score fluctuated. Close. Best aoty memes - popular memes on the site ifunny.co. But one day I saw a Tik Tok or something that had Shoota playing and I decided to revisit the album. But I think we all can agree on these 4. -Lao Tzu, 536 BCif you don’t understand playboi carti i genuinely feel sorry for youIf you had told me any of these at the beginning of the year I would have eaten a Tide Pod:"Die Lit" is stupid fucking bullshit. 1.8k. Lil Uzi Vert is mumble rap. Sometimes as a listener you simply need to get over yourself. No Spoilers. From a 22 to a 9, 76, 84, 89,90, and finally a 96.

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