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Includes in-game purchases. Thankfully, I am given the option to skip all the dialogue without being penalized. Spend so much on re-roll but still haven't vibe enough with the game for actually start it. Personally when I was writing the review, I was planning to say the story is really great and diverse but I realized I skipped everything. Personally DL gameplay really is reminisce of FFXIV which keep me hook on playing it more than 10 month. In this video, I review the new Gala Dragalia banner featuring Summer Sinoa, Summer Norwin, Summer Konohana Sakuya, and Gala Laxi. My goal is to reach end game content and not rely on any summonable 5* units along other restrictions.A reason why I wanted to challenge myself in this way is because part of the community seems very fixated on the fact that if a player doesn’t have a certain adventurer at a certain might they think that they’re a superior player (I am looking at you, the people who set ridiculous filters for specific weapon types aiming for a highly meta unit) compared to another in skill and are not willing to give them a chance in pubs, which is 100% not true and I will show this through my progress of this new account.Strictly no summon pool 5*’s. Only 2 event types are not enough and there needs to be way more diversity in unit kits to make them stand apart gameplay wise (ie, more of things like Natalie).Really, my biggest problem with the game is still the gameplay. It's honestly the best part of the game and if you don't like it, that's fine, we can't all like everything.There's a lot of skill and nuance to it that you don't find in other action mobile games and it scratches my MMORPG raid boss fight itch without the time investment required.overall no problem with your rewiew but next to f2p friendliness i would add a spender friendliness too: dream ticket exist, but doesn't contain limiteds, there are platinum showcases for limiteds 1 from x rate up item meanwhile 100% chance its still rng if you want the specific one also once per account, so if you don't get what you want you are forced too use the normie gacha without any safety net (technically monkeygate would be possible again....)As someone who plays both DL and Honkai daily, I agree with your assessment. Or what does a game need to become your main game?I am playing Sdorica as mine currently and I gave DL a shot. For e.g a player may not have a certain dragon in which case, I will use what the alternative will be in this case and all other cases regarding wyrmprints, adventurers etc etcClearing any content with low rarity adventurers is completely possible. Be careful and mindful of when you spend and for what - chasing this or that from the gacha doesn't guarantee you'll get it except in rare cases.

Baby's first gacha tends to hit people really hard - I know from experience. Since then, I've upped my standards tremendously because back in 2012, there was almost no gacha games and this genre was super niche. Attacks for each class feel similar despite there being combos and different force strikes. Even when stamina costs increased, the dungeons showed no signs of improvement.

Is it still the wonky crafting system, steep difficulty steps going to be even more of thing soon(ish) and the lack of different event modes, but Dragalia has something very special behind it... A dev team that cares for the players and not just their wallets.I dislike honkai gameplay too. Weapons are one of three ways I can customize the characters on my team.

Whenever I do skip, the game gives me a quick, two or three sentence summary of what the scene covered.The writer in me feels bad about skipping over somebody's hard work, but that feeling of remorse is easily outweighed by how impressed I am about just how much lore is in this game.

DL combat feels like walking through mud compared to Honkai. All of these extra systems I could deal with if the primary draw of the game, the dungeon crawling, was any good. I really like the game but, I wish for some changes to be implemented in order to help DL survive longer. The story segments of each chapter of the campaign usually bookend the brief bouts of combat. There are also cards that grant stat or ability bonuses called Wyrmprints and dragons I can transform into during battle once I collect enough shards. You may or may not be familiar with the term: you can think of it as lootboxes, because they're similar.

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