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“If there’s no way to raise taxes or eliminate subsidies, the only other option is reducing the state budget, laying off public employees and investment, and that’s not viable either.”Without a drastic improvement in 2020, Ecuador may have to start delaying payments to state workers and suppliers, Carrera said.The Energy Ministry said Tuesday that the country’s production of oil had begun recovering after protesters withdrew from production facilities in the Amazon. It was the sharpest contraction since the third quarter of 2016, as output shrank further in trade (-0.8 percent vs -0.7 percent in Q3); and education, social services & health (-6.2 percent vs -2.4 percent). Ecuador’s mounting financial trouble led the country to sign a $4.2 billion funding agreement with the International Monetary Fund in early 2019.

Ecuador’s economy returned to positive, but sluggish, growth. Click on the button below to get started. These factors highlighted the Government of Ecuador's unsustainable economic policy mix of large fiscal deficits and expansionary money policy and resulted in a 7.3% contraction of GDP, annual year-on-year i… The exit of OPEC from January 2020 and the resulting release of the organization’s production quotas should enable the country to increase its oil production.

On a monthly basis, economic activity rose 0.2% in April (March: -0.3% month-on-month). Narrating economic crisis in Ecuador.

The projection, made before the protests, was that the economy would expand 0.5% in 2020.Ecuador joins Argentina, Barbados, Nicaragua and Venezuela as the only countries in the Western Hemisphere projected to have shrinking economies in 2019.The IMF welcomed the Sunday night deal, and Norman McKay, a Latin American research analyst with the Economist Intelligence Unit, said he doesn’t think a three-year $4.2 billion IMF credit line is at risk, despite being contingent on Ecuador’s ability to implement austerity measures.“Obviously this has been a setback,” he said.

The industrial sector's main problem is the deficit of energy, Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

The upcoming parliamentary elections in 2021 are expected to fuel these political and social tensions further, as each side seeks to represent its interests.The business environment remained below the regional average in 2020, with Ecuador ranked 129th out of 190, down from 2019. After the global crisis of 2009, the Ecuadorian economy began to recover and grew by 3.5% in 2010, reaching 7.8% in 2011. Growth will return to positive territory in 2020 but activity will remain very weak. The current account deficit will be financed by foreign direct investment as well as by loans, given the very low level of reserves (less than two months of imports).Elected President in May 2017 to succeed Rafael Correa (2007-2017), Lenin Moreno of the left-wing party Alianza País (AP) faces a growing challenge on the domestic scene. Liquidity requirements for banks should be relaxed under the IMF agreement to promote credit growth.In exchange for IMF financial support of USD 4.2 billion over three years under an extended credit facility obtained in March 2019, the government has committed to reducing public debt (70% external) whose share has doubled since 2013. This would weigh on exports, which are also affected by the weakest demand in the United States, the country’s main partner, despite growth in agricultural exports (bananas, cocoa), and more particularly shrimp exports to China.The banking and financial sector is to be reformed under the IMF agreement in order to strengthen the central bank's independence, safeguard the central bank’s credibility in maintaining full dollarisation of the economy, which was introduced in 2000, and keep inflation low.

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