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Manny and Julian bonded over helping put the giant crystal in. In the final melee against Manny's herd, she battles Manny herself, until she is blasted away by Precious.

[moment of silence and then they all laugh hysterically]  Ellie insisted that they leave her to the point of pushing them outwards from a small crevice, but they promised to return with help, and true to their word, persuaded Manny to try and free Ellie. Eventually, Sid is able to communicate to them that an alliance is necessary if the other hyraxes are to be freed and the pirates are to be defeated, much to the surprise of Manny and Diego. So the herd and the mammals agreed to give up the diamonds and rocks into the geyser. Later, when Gutt is holding Peaches hostage, Shira is seen struggling to get up, implying that Gutt had physically punished Shira for her betrayal. The lead hyrax (distinguished by his bushy eyebrows, lighter fur coloration, and lower voice tone), who hates Gutt with a passion, rallies his forces and decides to help the herd, much to the herd's delight. Once there, she attempts to escape, but Diego catches up to her and she is imprisoned in a tree, much to her anger. Later, Sid broke the Geotopia wall, trying to get a crystal for his love. She was delighted of having a baby mammoth around. At the end of the film, Ellie is celebrating in the ice skating with the other characters.

But she decided not to be a parent til she's thirty. Hiroko Okabe. [Points to dinosaur and screams]  Buck brought an idea to stop the tornado and to find the place that could find a clue to stop it is on the site of the impact of the previous ones. The crystals were put in a volcano and pulled the asteroid away. He then leaps at Manny and refuses to let him return to his family. [Coaching Ellie in breathing]  So She is being saved by Diego, Shira and Sid. [Buck grabs his foot with the skull on it]  I'm starving!" Soto dispatched his fellow pack members Zeke and Oscar to warn Diego to hurry and bring Roshan or not return at all, though was reciprocated with the news that alongside Roshan, Soto would receive a mammoth. The attack almost worked, but Runar's tribe had trained Runar had no choice left but to begin the travel to another camp far off, tracking the dangerous saber-teeth on the way and finding clues as to his son's whereabouts. Seconds after this act, she slipped slowly from the riverbank, disappearing. His mother is able to fend off Diego, whose mission is to retrieve him. It is unknown what happened to them afterwards. At Peaches' wedding everyone was well and happy. Ellie, surprised and amazed, like the rest of the animals, watched. The surprise given away, the pack pursue Sid as he slides down a snowy slope on a piece of bark soon after Lenny and Oscar who had been chasing Sid where hit by a large log Manny threw at them. [surprised by his voice, he laughs hysterically with Eddie & Crash] 

Upon remembering this, she knew that she was a mammoth. With the help of Sid, Granny, Crash, and Eddie, Ellie tried to convince Peaches it was too dangerous alone. According to the DVD commentaries, Sylvia was cut because the scriptwriters felt that Sid's behavior towards her made him too unlikable, and that her scenes detracted from the film's main plot. They are both found by Manny and Sid at the riverside. Ellie is a character in the Ice Age franchise. Diego, wanting himself, Manny, Sid, and Granny to get back home, tries to chomp off all the pirates' ropes from their "ship", but is too late as Shira arrives and restrains him, mocking him for his declaration of "I don't fight girls" by pinning him down and saying, "I can see why". [points down the chasm at laughing skeletons of dinosaurs]  At some point afterward, the animals were captured by Gutt and his crew.

Manny and Ellie decide to stay with their old friends, taking along Sid, Diego, and the possum brothers. Zeke is dark-gray and looked rough, as well as acting the part of a suck up. Queen Latifah is the voice of Ellie in Ice Age: The Meltdown, and Hiroko Okabe is the Japanese voice.

[skull three]  [Sees dinosaur]  [All look at him and begin laughing hysterically including Buck]  In the third movie, she and Manny are mates and Ellie is pregnant with their first child. Brooke sang My Superstar. In the end credits, Shira nuzzles against Diego's side showing that they have now become a couple. Gutt corners the herd, but he and his pirates are defeated by Granny's pet whale Precious.

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