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While he may be a demon, he is actually worshiped in some parts of the world.Addanc comes from Welsh mythology. In Hebrew myth, Lilith is a storm demon who causes death and diseases. Page 2 of A-Z list of Girl Chinese Names and their meanings, linked to name origin pages. When calling the names, all of them may be recited, or a given number of those most significant to the respective working may be chosen. Whatever the case, enjoy these names that range from sinister to supernatural.In the Bible, Baal-Berith was the Canaanite Lord of Covenant. Thanks for commenting, Christy!I believe the root word actually means friend or ally, but it sounds dark. With a name that means "disaster" or "misfortune," you may be giving your baby a powerful destiny that affects everyone around them. Diyu, the Chinese Hell. According to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the soul would leave the tomb to suck blood if it was not given good enough offerings.Nimue was a sorceress in Arthurian legend. The evil side, while often feared, features great intellect, persuasiveness, and power. When he played music, the trees would dance and the rivers would stop moving to hear the sound. His name means a man with ten heads. She is portrayed with goat horns, a serpent-like tail and goat hooves.Hecate is from a Latin word that means “workers from far off.” She was said to be the goddess of demons, the underworld, witchcraft and graves.
This is going to be a LONG answer. It'll make for a great conversation starter with your friends and family. Ukrainian Names Biyu, Changchang, Changpu through Qiu, Qiuyue, Rong. One fascinating aspect of China is their names. In the Bible, his name was used as an alternative name to Satan, the prince of demons. It comes from a Scandinavian royal name from the 10th century. Thousands of years of Dynasty's and religion such as Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, has left us with many family traditions and naming customs. These names command attention and give your baby strength.Please help us improve. He was the god of the desert, chaos and storms. Top 20 Female Demon Names. He has amazing powers of war and rules over 60 legions of Hell.Ahriman is from a Middle Persian word that means “devil or evil spirit.” In ancient Persian mythology, he was the god of darkness, death and destruction.Vlad is often used as a vampire name. I'm presenting you: Top 10 Evil Goddesses 10) Izanami Origin: Japanese/Shinto Occupation: Mother death Story: Izanami is the wife of her brother Izanagi. Ardat Lili. Her name means “large shark.”Kok-Lir is the succubus demon who hails from Borneo.

She is a demon who is known for her connection to poisons. She attempted to seduce Gautama Buddha with visions of pretty women to get him to stray from his path.Batibat is a demon who comes from Ilocano folklore. Satan is a Hebrew word for the Greek word, Diabolos.Abaddon comes from the Greek word, “Abaddon.” This words means destruction or ruination. Name your pretty little girl for her skin tone or her devilish spirit. In Buddhism, she is the physical personification of evil. If you’ve decided to choose a Chinese name for your child, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect place. Evil name generator . But the names in this generator will at least have a darker sound to it, and thus fit those on the darker side of life quite well. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Later on, he became a devil. Chinese baby boy names are equally remarkable as girl names, but they usually use gender qualities such as strength and vigor to find the best name. Zagan was a king of hell and looks like a bull with griffin wings. She is represented with a hairy body, a lioness’ head, donkey’s teeth and bony fingers.Pandora is the source of the phrase “Pandora’s Box.” Her name means all gift.

DThis Welsh name means dark and beautiful. She is said to kidnap children as they breast feed and chew on their bones. Demons are very powerful beings with different specific talents. It was used as the name of a heroine in a classic novel.In Hungary, the Countess Elizabeth Bathory was known for being a real-life vampire. He is also known by names like the Prince of Darkness and the chief of the Dragons of Evil.Jilaiya is an Indian demon.
Lilitu. Dark female names are not as easy to come by as dark male names, but these beauties fit the bill. Why settle for another boring, typical baby name when you can step out of the box and do something itneresting? Lilitu is the female version of Lilu. Popular Chinese Girl Names. Why wasn't this page useful?© 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. Instead, you want to live life on the edge and have a darker, more evil sounding name. She is not entirely evil, but she is often portrayed as a temptress.Succubus is one of the most popular and well known demons. The actual Greek name comes from the Greek words that mean victory and people.Abigor is one of the most attractive demons. Name your Warriors are strong and fierce, particularly if they are ruthless. Hecate is from a Latin word that means “workers from far off.” She was said to be the goddess of demons, the underworld, witchcraft and graves. Lilitu is the female version of Lilu.

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