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Most people say that Season Three was the best season Farscape had, and they are probably right.

They went to After The Peacekeeper Wars, the Peacekeepers were shadows of their former, mighty selves - they did not have the numbers or resources that they possessed prior to the conflict. Tape 2: "Exodus From Genesis" & "Throne For A Loss" Tape 3: "Back and Back and Back to the Future" & "Thank God It's Friday, Again"

John Crichton struggles to learn the location of the mysterious Katratzi, whilst watching a television documentary about himself and the aliens.

On board is Durka, Rygel's former torturer, who has been mind cleansed and now serves the Nebari. 9:55. Everyone but Aeryn meets on Arnesk. A Nebari group come aboard Moya and attempt to mind cleanse everyone using a drug. Crichton correctly predicts a wormhole's appearance near Moya, but simultaneously a giant space plant captures the Leviathan.

The crew welcomes him on board, but soon almost everyone is acting paranoid, and the crew starts attacking each other. We have known Zhaan for two seasons, but the first four episodes tell the story of her death.

Consequently Moya starts to age rapidly. Aeryn must then deal with the other Crichton who is completely in love with her, and who is and is not the man she loves.

Soon D'Argo and Zhaan start working and refuse to return to the ship. All this is told with scriptwriting and acting that is good beyond hope.

Their plan failed, the crew has little choice but to help Scorpius's true agenda. She died in childbirth. Zhaan needs to eat meat and starts spewing spores. A peacekeeper beacon goes off and Moya has to land on an alien planet to prevent it's signal being intercepted and Moya being discovered. While in its vicinity Stark is contacted by an alien woman who is being held against her will. Zhaan can fight Maldis, but if she fights Maldis, she must take a dark path. In need of supplies, Crichton lands his transport pod on a dying leviathan which is full of hungry cannibals and a scientist who has the ability to create clones. While the others hesitate she crosses the room and stands by his side; the two of them will do this alone if necessary. Knowing that "muppets" (I tease as the show is produced by Jim Henson Entertainment) played two of the characters didn't help. One who is a de-evolved 'cave man' and another who has increased mental ability. Scorpius was so determined to harness wormholes that when Crichton offered to help in exchange for a number of concessions, protections and demands for himself and his crewmates, Scorpius agreed. A couple of episodes where Aeryn Sun is not featured ... With their Crystherium stores low, the Scarrans must travel to Earth through a wormhole as those flowers grow there.

Peacekeepers led by the evil Grayza land and capture the crew, and Crichton finds himself unable to fight back, mysteriously compelled to do Grayza's bidding.

Rygel "borrowed" a crystal from Moya, without the crystal Moya cannot maintain her orbit and will crash into the planet if it isn't returned shortly. Scorpius was the only survivor (in 91 attempts) of a breeding program looking into the possibility of hybrid Scarran/Sebaceans and their potential advantages.

(Several months after his banishment from Hyneria, he assisted a new powerful enemy known as the Kkore in conquering the galaxy while also seeking their destruction. Votes: 530 Scorpius knew not to trust Crichton, but allowed him and his friends to come aboard the Crichton and his companions were in fact trying to stop the wormhole project. After seeing the recording and realizing Aeryn was involved, Pilot orders Aeryn to leave Moya. But one is a killer. John Crichton and Aeryn anticipate the birth of their child, only to get caught in the middle of a war that threatens millions of lives. Crichton and Scorpius travel to one of the 'unrealized realities' where Crichton believes he heard Stark say "Katratzi." Only time will tell if I watch them again and again. An alternate version of him appeared in an alternate reality which featured both D'Argo and Zhaan; this Scorpius appeared to be John's friend and ally. Moya approaches a wormhole, gets pulled in and fused to another ship.

Harvey appeared very similar to Scorpius, though appeared to be at least partially if not totally made of wood, complete with a leaf growing out of the size of his nose. (If you haven't got Season Three, get it.) The crew needs food. This was classic farscape in everyway, mixed emotions, mixed storylines, mixed up lives, just brilliant, a love story set in a Budong who could ask for more, tension and Stark starting to go absolute bananas.

Yet he is extremely intelligent, so much so that Moya's crew find themselves willing to keep him alive or ally themselves with him when they absolutely have to, despite that he murdered Gilina and his mental clone Harvey killed Aeryn Sun who Zhaan later sacrifices herself to resurrect. While Scorpius had a body much like a Sebacean, admittedly with skin of a different texture, his head appears to be a combination of Sebacean and Scarran, making him seem very much like an upper caste Scarran. Crais gets Talyn to starburst inside the command carrier, causing it to collapse in on itself. The Queen offers Crichton a choice; marry her daughter the crown princess, or she'll turn him over to Scorpius.

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