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© 2020 Gamer Escape: Gaming News, Reviews, Wikis, and Podcasts. Geo-Wilt Lv.86 Yahse Hunting Grounds (K-7) On the same beach as the Rune Fencer flower, near Orobons that aggro even at 99. Isolated in their gloomy tower, the Gigas are constantly searching for a way to get back to their homeland. Oh I do appreciate it, I even am trying to contribute, I am looking around Canyon while I'm leveling atm. i installed CoP and was in delkfutt at the time leveling my sub.. what lvl do i have to be to come back in and start chapter 1? You'll now be able to throw the inventoried key away and still have access to pass the door.

Home » Forums » Final Fantasy XI » FFXI Submissions. Jump to: navigation, search. After the cutscene zone into Upper Jueno. I said, "You know that's an NM, right??!"

There's another one in Crawlers' Nest, ran across it looking for the Fount. tahrongi's is at the spot where air eles spawn, just south of crag :)

If you want to bring a PLD just have them sub NIN. still can't learn at lvl 16 geo-precision, forums say its level 14. Watch out, because everything aggro's here (although, if you can make it to the Geomantic Reservoir, you will wipe aggro). Posts: 192. Escapes to Qufim Island at (H-6). Has anyone else seen this or know anything about it?yes zone into lower delkfuts ASAP once you have CoP...specially if your a fanatic of FF games...cause you get to see bahamut....really. Server: Carbuncle. I was hit by a leecher today with Banish II for 94 dmg on my lvl 40 DRK. Yea that list is nice and all but those zones are big, positions would be great. Page 1 of 1 [ 5 posts ] Obtaining Rank 4 - Mission 3-2 - Delkfutts Tower walkthrough : FFXI Submissions: Posted: June 18th, 2007, 2:55 am coder_ coder_'s Reps: Note: This guide was written by me over the course of over 110 times taking people through it. There are also dolls and pots that aggro magic. At first niether one of them had any damage taken when i got there, so as i was switching back and forth from each of them checking their life bars All of a sudden the rdm's health drops to half then he dies on the next attack. the screenshot and times are D, but you can win VD with it if you don't get screwed by great wheel Maps. Reservoirs can be found in: Bostauniex Oubliette, East Ronfaure, Gusgen Mines, Konschtat Highlands, Beadeaux, Beaucedine Glacier (2), Behemoth's Dominion, Castle Oztroja, Crawler's Nest, Davoi, Fei'Yin, Garlaige Citadel, La Thiene (2), Lower Delkfutt's, Qufim, Rolanberry, Sauromugue Champaign, Tahrongi Canyon, Upper Delkfutt's, Xarcabard. This tower in the North of Qufim Island is overrun by a wide range of Gigas who were trapped there at the end of the Great War. as LV. Thanks a lot for posting your strat. have done on VD but it was just out of stubbornness(wanted to win without cheat buffs), lost a good dozen before i won and even now that i'm used to the fight i prefer doing D

Tons of giants and goblins in here.
After that cutscene you will get a key item called "mysterious amulet." Return to the embassy, the key is STILL not a key item.

It is given by Imasuke, an NPC located in Port Jeuno just before the exit into Qufim Island, and requires Jeuno reputation level 4. I went to the basement door at E-8 from the 1st map when you zone in. Stun spells to avoid a spellga > Great Wheel. Maps. Open the dungeon and release the Ambassador, the key is STILL not a key item. Am inclined to disagree that it's Geo-Precision, as I already know Indi-Precision, unless there is a skillcap involved with learning, skill quite underleveled. ^^ The screen will tell you you obtained the key, but will not tell you that it is as a … OH NEVER MIND! I guess it runs really slow because that was all i got hit with before I made it to the zone. good move . still can't learn at lvl 16 geo-precision, forums say its level 14. FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Co., Ltd. It turns to me and starts casting Thunder II or III, I dont remember which, I started running at that point.

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