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We’ve scooped up all sorts of names that work well in the middle name position from funky and fun to timeless classics.The most popular girl names of 2019 are a beautiful mix of timeless classics and modern stunners. Origin of Regan American Names Canadian Names Celtic Names English Names Gaelic Names Irish Names Shakespeare Names There are many Regans out there who prefer Ree-gan, not Ray-gun. If you want to name your child Regan, and pronounce it "Ray-gan", then name them Reagan.Rae, Sunrae, Annie, Ree, Ray Ray, Reygie. oregano Reg-a-mortis, Reg-a-toni, Reeger Teeger In Celtic The meaning of the name Regan is: "Regal" or "little King".

My sister's name is Regan and we pronounce her name Ray-gin (hard G). Shakespeare got it right with this one.The "RE" is pronounced "RAY". Explore the list of today’s hottest girl names here with us.Mamas with kids named Reagan also have kids with these names.I love it.

Ray-gan is Reagan.

If you want to name your child Regan, and pronounce it "Ray-gan", then name them Reagan.
It means "regal" and "royal" for a little girl.In my experience I have found that girls with the name regan tend to be bratty; they tend to be quite weak* and get emotinal over everything and they also tend to think of themselves highy.One of my closest friend's name is Regan pronounced Ree-gin and she DOES NOT like being called Ray-gin.My name is Regan and it's pronounced Ree-gan. It is a cute name that isn’t very popularMy husband and I were in search for a name for our baby girl… his great grandfather came from My name starts with the letter “R” and for some reason wanted a girls name like that as well..Ive always wanted to use the name (Rianna) but since I had married my husband, his daughters name happens to be “Your email address will not be published. Here’s everything we know. Find out here. The "RE" sound in Regan is so unappealing to me. It is most definitely Ree-gan. Nicknames for Regan Rae, Sunrae, Annie, Ree, Ray Ray, Reygie. Infographic of Reagan name meaning, which is A surname from O Riagain, Reagan means descendent of Riagan.

In Norse legend, Regin, a very wise man, was appointed tutor and foster father of Sigurd.My name is Regan (pronounced Ree-gen) and I really hate when people call me Ray-gan. My name is Regan as well. Find a new stylish favorite here.Finding middle names for girls doesn’t have to be a chore. Reagan is an obvious presidential pick, on-par with In step with many of today’s trends like surnames and unisex picks, Reagan works well with While Reagan fits in many of the top styles, she is a stark contrast from others, ignoring the push towards frillier finds like Pronunciation of Regan REE-gən REE gan Meaning of Regan Little ruler, nobility, royal, regal, riagan's descendant, wise, little queen. Listen and learn how to pronounce Regan so you can get the correct pronunciation for this Irish girl name.

In Celtic The meaning of the name Regan is: Regal.Model and beauty queen named Regan Hartley (pronounced Ree-gan)Regan was the name of one of Lear's (not very nice) daughters in the Shakespeare play "King Lear".Regan was the name of the demonically possessed little girl in the movie, The Exorcist (1973). Spelling of Regan R-E-G-A-N, is a 5-letter female given name. MEANING: Comes from ri “sovereign, king" and the diminutive -in and means “the king’s child" or may come from riogach “impulsive, furious." How popular is the name Reagan? As much as it is up to you how to say your child's name, it is incorrect to say "Ray-gan", technically speaking. A surname from O Riagain, Reagan means descendent of Riagan.

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