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"Oh my word...I'm absolutely stunned," the actress said via video-link in accepting her award.Get breaking news alerts and special reports. “Don’t rush,” she said grandly. She shook her head, mouth full of waffle. She would begin by telling me about herself, and we would veer into Lear. It’s after the last line.”At 82, Glenda Jackson Commands the Most Powerful Role in Theater“It’s trying to find always the reality of being a human being as opposed to being a character in a play.”“It’s trying to find always the reality of being a human being as opposed to being a character in a play.”The 82-year-old actress talks about the most powerful role in theater.“Glenda is so lean, and I don’t just mean that physically,” said the actor Elizabeth Marvel, who plays Goneril. He really only discovers love, real love, when it’s much, much too late.

I made consoling noises. Stories from her childhood came tumbling out on top of one another, the one and only time her father raised his voice to the children, when one of Jackson’s sisters dressed up the cat in doll clothes; the way her mother would check her daughter’s shoes when she came home to visit to make sure she had enough money. “Fire away.”We met through the winter on Sundays, her day off, her day for laundry and ironing and calling home to London.
For two years she didn’t get any theater work.

Very well. If it’s not life or death, don’t touch it.’ ”Entering politics allowed her to write that very role.
The news and … She told me about a friend who had been invited to one of Alfred Hitchcock’s parties for the A-list. Glenda Jackson stars in Elizabeth is Missing, based on the novel of Emma Healey, premiering Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021, 9/8c on MASTERPIECE on PBS.

I wanted to tell Jackson this, about having had this feeling and not having it anymore.

They occasionally slept on the stage of the theater, in a four-poster bed sourced for a production. And it’s up to us all then to find it. ... Be sure to watch TODAY at 5 pm ET for our Resurrection Glory LIVE Event featuring my guests—Glenda Jackson… That’s what Lear would be doing. All the fat is burned off, and you just have this brilliant diamond core.” Jackson is not the first woman to play Lear, nor does gender enter your mind as you watch her. “In a strange kind of way you should have nothing to take home. In my open notebook, I saw her words in my hand. Breaking News Emails.

Of course we never really do.”Has anyone presumed to know Jackson? It isn’t the cross-gender casting of Lear that feels so striking about Jackson’s performance; it is seeing an actor who specializes in control and self-knowledge take on the unraveling patriarch who has “ever but slenderly known himself.”Like all well-defended people, however, Jackson seems privately moved, even impressed by vulnerability, as if it were a luxury she can’t yet afford. “The mystery is what makes her so compelling onstage and on film,” Bryant has said. Lear stalks the heath with his loyal friend Kent and the Fool. “I smoke so I have no — what do they call it these days?” She glanced at the menu, ordered “the salmon thingie thingie” and looked at me expectantly. The ritual aspect of this transformation is of particular interest to Gold, who has directed stripped-down interpretations of Shakespeare, including “Othello” in 2016. “We have fierce fights about what he watches on the bloody computer,” she said. “They don’t know they’re in a play. In this way Jackson gives us the only truly contemporary interpretation of Lear I’ve ever seen, a king whose command relies not on brute might but in the ability to manipulate words. I saw it one night in a small gesture.

And if that happens, a perfect circle is formed. Lear has banished Cordelia, his favorite daughter, for her failure to flatter him. “When you get to my age, you are Lear in every nerve of your body.” Most performances follow in the footsteps of Paul Scofield, who played the king as a grizzled military man in the 1962 Peter Brook production, later a film. After 23 years away, Glenda Jackson, 82, the two-time Oscar winner who spent the last two decades as a member of Parliament, returned to acting. I was embarrassed by my desire to do the same. I returned to the table to gather my things and pay the bill, only to be interrupted by her for the last time. You were absolutely wonderful.’ ‘I know,’ he responded.

(They divorced almost 20 years later.) That’s what she’s like on the stage.”I first met Jackson in January, at a restaurant near her hotel in New York.

I bet he and Mrs. Hitchcock roared with laughter going to bed at all these sanctimonious sods who were afraid to say, ‘Why have you given me blue cauliflower?’ ” (Seen this way, Jackson’s famous bluntness feels like a way of staying primed for a blue-cauliflower situation. There is an odd lack of stage directions and that superfluous subplot, the story of Gloucester, which just echoes the main action (a father betrayed by his child).The deepest strangeness of all: None of this matters. She did a reading from Shakespeare and a Dorothy Parker short story, which she was asked to play as a woman incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital by her husband, trying to persuade others of her sanity. “I don’t like the starry sort of life,” she told her biographer. Jackson hums as she walks.

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