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At Level 29, you recieve the last self only port, to Misty Thicket. The Wardens are respected and well-liked thoughout the Eldeen Reaches. Halfling Surnames. For further discussion of Druid specialization choices see:

Dalire. Blackgrain. The Gatekeepers are the oldest druidic tradition on the continent of Khorvaire, having descended from the followers of Vvaraak, a black dragon that taught orcs in the Shadow Marches the secrets to the natural world 15,000 years ago. The druids protect the breeding grounds, tend to injured horses, and help raise the young. Slash or blunt is a preference,(I use blunt personally), but you generally want to stick with the 1H weapons, to keep your other hand free for a +WIS held item, such as; A: The Self-Only teleport spells, or "rings", Are first gained at level 19. Firstly, they are charged with preserving the bloodline of the elven horses. Deepworth.

A: Druids learn the meditate skill at level 8, along with all the other priest classes. The only downfall to this, is that we learn skills at a later level than the pure casters, and our magic is generally more of a "utility" base. The Children of Winter are the darkest of Khorvaire's druidic traditions and seek to cleanse the land of the blight of civilization through death.

Click On above Get Male Names, Get Female Names Button to randomly generate 10 Dnd Halfling Names. The Children of Winter are the darkest of Khorvaire's druidic traditions and seek to cleanse the land of the blight of civilization through death. Bound to the magic of their lycanthrope ancestors, moonspeakers breathe the magic of the world, guided by the twelve moons of Eberron. While, it is true that our powers are somewhat watered down indoors, we still play a valuable backup healer, buffer, and have those nifty Evac spells everyone just loves. These blood guardians mingle with the herd using wild shape and speak with animals, forging the bond between horse and elf from the beginnings of the horses' lives. This means that when you are level 10 you get 2.1 MpW and it continues on in a similar pattern for Wisdom totals of 200 or less: 4.2 MpW @ lvl 20, 6.3 MpW @ lvl 30, 8.4 MpW @ lvl 40, 10.5 MpW @ lvl 50, 12.6 MpW @ lvl 60. Forest, Butcherblock Mountains. Bolger. After level 20 you are a caster. In return however they get infravision, basic hiding and sneak skills, and level slightly faster with their +5% exp bonus. Prepare for your next Dungeons & Dragons adventure by creating names for various fantasy races. The moonspeaker prestige class also provides a means of introducing variety among shifter PCs, encouraging spellcasting character concepts for a race typically characterized by its physical prowess and abilities. The group teleport spells, or "circles", are first gained at level 29.

The Mask Weavers are not in truth an order in the traditional sense, and their loyalties lie with their individual tribes more than with each other. Devix. They have no problem with agriculture or animal husbandry as long as the land and its creatures are not ill-treated or abused.

Halflings are maybe the friendliest kind you will go over. The Wardens are primarily human but include other races. Brockhouse.

Yolande Autumnleaf. Brandybuck. The Halfling names are based on nature, or are wholesome homely names. Their duties, besides the typical healing, primarily include helping the warriors of their tribe craft a spirit mask which will allow the warrior when he dies to be reunited with the spirit of his mount. Just as their ancestors fought the giants with lightning and flame, the druids of the modern day may ride with a warband, turning the power of nature against their enemies. At level 39, you really come into your own, as you get your first "pack" spells. Family names are often nicknames that stuck so tenaciously they have been passed down through the generations. Brown. Seven thousand years after Vvaraak trained the first Gatekeepers the invasion that was foretold took place as In -4,100 YK (4900 years after the Gatekeepers repelled the invasion) another great druidic tradition sprung out of Although the Eldeen Reaches often comes to mind when thinking of druids and druidism there are druids all across Khorvaire and indeed across Eberron and even in other The Ashbound are an extreme druidic order, who consider all arcane and divine magic (outside of druidic magic) to be "unnatural". The Mask Weavers are druids of the halfling tribes of the Talenta Plains. Gatekeepers seek to defend nature against aberrations, outsiders, undead and other unnatural horrors. Male Names: Alton, Ander, Cade, Corrin, Eldon, Errich, Finnan, Garret, Lindal, Lyle, Merric, Milo, Osborn, Perrin, Reed, R oscoe, Wellby Druids can be, and are a valuable part of any dungeon group, especially at higher levels. They also help to match elf and rider, working to forge the bond between rider and mount, which is considered sacred. They believe the end of the current age is at hand and often will endeavor to help it along, believing that the fittest will survive to repopulate in the new spring that is to follow the coming winter. House Vadalis would love nothing better than to obtain some of the Valenaran steeds from the elves for interbreeding with their own stock. She wears a violet vest and prefers black and yellow shirts. The Mask Weavers are druids of the halfling tribes of the Talenta Plains. Some halflings did become adventurers, but usually this was a practice taken up for reasons of necessity rather than personal drive. As one may find out, halflings are capable of great feats, no matter their size.To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. Coldfall. The masculine names are something of a mishmash. Don't like the names?

The Wardens rallied the people to defend their lands against bandit raiders and foreign nations with designs on their abundant woodlands and plains.

Keeping in spirit with the fey they revere, the sect is chaotic and worships by reveling and dancing in the wild woods. Halflings trade some intelligence and charisma for higher strength and stamina.

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