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My sister is my second half who complements me as a person and fills my life with joy. How best can I tell you how much you mean to me? Happy birthday, angel.34. Congratulations my son for another year of life! All the best for your life!10. Happy birthday, darling.24.

Cute Happy 1st Birthday Quotes For a Girl. Heart birthday, love.47. Happy birthday, my love.25. 117. You are my sunshine, my day is never boring with you. My love for you is boundless and overflowing. Hearty cheers, mon cherie.103. Happy birthday to the love of my life.If you to warm the heart of your lover on their birthday, then be sure to use these collections of happy birthday to the love of my life wishes and quotes. The long-awaited day has come again. Good wishes on your birthday, darling.90. Hearty cheers, baby.109. Let’s make merry and be glad, let’s bask in the warm sunlight of the day and enjoy the tranquillity of the sunset. You’re strong and smart, bold and courageous but most of all, you’re tender loving and caring. Happy birthday, sweetheart.64. May God turn you into an honest and respected person!2. Your undying love for me amazes me and keeps me going even in the darkest periods. My heart, my love, my all in all, be happy and rejoice always. The aroma of your love has never reduced but has gotten stronger. I know you’ll be successful in every test of life. Happy birthday, love of my life.7. Have an enjoyable and adventurous life! You are the best son that any parents would like to have. God surely has kept the good thing for your life. Happy birthday, my love.19. Happy birthday, sweetie.30. Happy birthday, sunshine.97. Several years down the line, my heart still beats for you. Happy birthday, my love.53. Happy birthday!10. Lots of love and affection for you, my child!16. Hearty celebration, boo.44.

My smile for you will never fade. She’s learned to … Birthday Quotes For Son From Mom. Do you know how much you mean to me? 21. May God keep you free from all evils and give you the eternal happiness!7. My boy, always respect the elders and love the younger. Hearty cheers, sweetheart.106. I’ll always ensure that you smile and laugh.

As the clock never gets tired of greeting the numbers with its arms, I won’t get tired of saying ‘I Love You’. We love you so much. Happy birthday, my superhero! I was asked to make a wish by a fairy and I smiled and said: “my wish already came through”. Your personality attracted me to you, your aura enveloped me and your humour is contagious, but most of all, your kind and caring nature has made me stay. I Love You. I celebrate you, my woman. Happy birthday, love of my life.40. God made the best decision when he sent you to earth. I love you now and always. Hearty cheers, heartbeat.80. Today is one of the most important days of my life.

Happy birthday, dearest.107. Pretty in pink, all things glitter and stars, you are my princess since the start, wishing you a Happy Birthday today!

You’ll always found me by your side to support you and I’m sure you’ll successfully overcome all the difficulties. Your smile gives me the eternal peace, your presence give me the unmeasurable happiness. You came along and swept me off totally, feet and everything! You are my anchor. I’m so happy that you’ve become a great man with a big heart. Wish you very good luck in your life, my child! Happy birthday, my naughty boy! You’ve been my best friend, my supporter, encourager, accountability partner, my partner in love, you are my everything. When I think of all you have done for me, my heart is filled with gratitude towards you. Have a lot of fun and enjoy every moment!26.

I was done with love, ready to pack up and leave but you gave me a reason to stay, I’ve not only stayed but made your heart my permanent residence. I was wondering what I could give you for your birthday and then I discovered that all that is mine and myself already belongs to you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.113. You are unique and I love you. My dear son, today is a happy day because it’s your birthday but I feel bad because for the first time you’re far away from us on this day. According to Shakespeare, “if music is the food of love, play on.” I won’t stop loving you, darling.

Many happy returns, baby.32. Happy birthday, my crown.99. No birthday cake can rival your sweetness, no party rice can stand your tastiness, no chilled wine can beat your dopeness and no lighted candles can outshine you. On this special day, I promise you that, I’ll always listen to you, understand you and will try to guide you on the best path. Best wishes!13. I am so lucky to have found you. I’m so happy that you’ve successfully completed 10 years of your life. Many congratulations to you! I can’t imagine a day without you. I count myself lucky to have you in my world.

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