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Additionally, the planet tumbles end over end every four hours, the fastest rotation of any planet in the solar system. After this a detailed report comes up which contains the location of Haumea in the birth chart and the subsequent interpretation of this position. In one of his "Haumea is the goddess of childbirth and fertility in Hawaiian mythology. For an extensive discussion of Haumea's mythology,

Compare that to Pluto's orbit of 248 years, and you can see Haumea is considerably further away from the Sun than Pluto, and hence a lot colder.

Astrologically, Haumea connects with issues of fertility, childbirth and renewal, whenever something new is “born”, and the pangs and pains associated with creativity. That data was then snitched by a Spanish team of astronomers who, using the Brown data to find Haumea, promptly claimed they had found the new planet.Years of uproar ensued, peppered by bursts of nasty accusations and counter-accusations amongst the astronomers.
Named for a Polynesian fertility goddess, shaped like a rugby football, and spinning around on its axis once every four hours, the last-named of the new planets is cold, enigmatic, and for astronomers controversial.Named on September 17, 2008 after years of astronomical controversy surrounding her discovery, Haumea is by far the most eccentric and enigmatic of the new planets discovered beyond Pluto.Briefly, the discovery controversy goes back to Dec 24, 2004 when California astronomer Mike Brown (no relation to your humble webmaster) and his colleagues discovered Haumea (and promptly nicknamed it Santa pending a final name). One was on Dec 28, 2004 by Mike Brown; et.al. With the help of Haumea astrology one can get to know of his or her Haumea sign and the corresponding meaning of this sign. This is because not only is this calculator free and easy to use, but it could be used from the comfort of the homes. It takes Haumea 285 years to go around the Sun once. Understand that astronomers have egos bigger than the orbits of the outer planets, and who gets credit for a discovery of a new planet is a very big deal in the astronomical profession.In the end the International Astronomical Union, based in Paris, France, (the de facto arbiter of these sorts of things) accepted the planet name, Haumea, proposed by Brown, et al, a tacit acknowledgement that the IAU accepted that the Brown team were, in fact, the planet's discoverers.Meanwhile, we astrologers had to wait patiently for this clash of scientific egos to resolve itself, for it is not until a new planet is both discovered and named that astrologers can get on with the business of determining the meaning of the planet and it's place in the metaphysical scheme of things.The science of Haumea is fascinating in and of itself and leads us to the astrological meaning of the planet. For Americans, this is similar to the elliptical shape of a US football, but without the pointed ends. Studies have shown that its size is very small compared to other planets. Compare that to Pluto's orbit of 248 years, and you can see Haumea is considerably further away from the Sun than Pluto, and hence a lot colder.The Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA, which tracks planetary orbits amongs other things, has an interesting webpage illustrating Haumea's orbit. Additionally, several smaller planetoids are in the same orbital path as Haumea, leading scientists to conclude that Haumea was once a larger planet, but due to an ancient collision, got broken up into smaller pieces which are still orbiting in the neighbourhood.It was the breakup of planet in the hypothesized ancient collision (of unknown origin) which led scientists to name the planet Haumea.Haumea's uniqueness doesn't end there. Haumea is virtually solid rock with a thin coat of water ice on the outside, and has two moons. Likely the ring is made of rock and ice, and some astronomers speculate these frozen particles could be a result of the debris created by the impacts from stray rocks...well, maybe.Another theory is the ring might have been created by the planet itself, as Haumea spins unusually fast and so it might be hurling particles out into orbit. )The science gets stranger. The circumstances surrounding a planet’s discovery tell us a lot about the meaning of that planet in astrology and Haumea’s emergence into Collective consciousness involves a story where 2 groups of men (astronomers) both claim her as their own, thus revealing some of her meaning.

On top of this it also affects several other aspects that hold importance in general human beings lives.Children are the most important parts of a person’s life. This interpretation gives people a chance to bring in the proper rectifications in their lives in order to increase their happiness and to avoid the unfortunate situation of … Haumea is the name of the planet that was recently discovered in the year of 2004. As the origin of the name suggests this planet is influential on factors pertaining to childbirth and fertility. (See the animation at the top of this page which illustrates the rotation. If Haumea is doing that, then it's throwing all those bits and pieces out there quite a ways as the ring is about 1000 Km away from the planet.The naming of Haumea is equally interesting. Haumea   (pronounced:   how-MAY-a ). This archetype thus signals profound connection to Nature, connection to Source, and a form of natural charisma. The science of Haumea is fascinating in and of itself and leads us to the astrological meaning of the planet. Haumea the dwarf planet was discovered around Christmas of 2004.

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