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[mouse]Van Groen T (2001) Entorhinal cortex of the mouse: Cytoarchitectonical organization. Brain Res Bull 12:657–668. EndNote (2015) Hippocampal‚ cholinergic interneurons visualized with the choline acetyltransferase promoter: anatomical distribution, intrinsic membrane properties, neurochemical characteristics, and capacity for cholinergic modulation. Paris.

http://mouse.brain-map.org/experiment/thumbnails/100048576?image_type=atlashttps://www.panlab.com/en/tests-solutions/prepulse-inhibition-of-startle-reflex-test-ppi Front Synaptic Neurosci. Development 141:2855–2865. FACT: You're used to seeing bugs in your garden, but how about on your plate? BibTeX Hippocampus 11:397–407. It has a distinctive, curved shape that has been likened to the sea-horse monster of Greek mythology and the ram's horns of Amun in Egyptian mythology. [mouse]Paxinos G, Watson C (2010) BrainNavigator. [Double-heterozygote Nature 557:183–189. [Several transgenic mouse lines]Zhao T, Kraemer N et al (2006) Emx2 in the developing hippocampal fissure region. EndNote Papers Chapter 35, Academic Press, Barry G, Piper M et al (2008) Specific glial populations regulate hippocampal morphogenesis. Hippocampus anatomy describes the physical aspects and properties of the hippocampus, a neural structure in the medial temporal lobe of the brain. The hippocampus is composed of distinct regions; the dentate gyrus, which comprises mainly granule neurons, and Ammon's horn, which comprises mainly pyramidal neurons, and the two regions are connected by both anatomic and functional circuits. The rodent hippocampus is a continuous structure that changes its cranial dorsal position to a lateroventral location in the more caudal parts where it eventually reaches the ventral surface of the brain. [Wild captured Slomianka L, Geneser FA (1991b) Distribution of acetylcholinesterase in the hippocampal region of the mouse: II.

J Comp Neurol 303:339–354. [Emx2Zhao C, Deng W et al (2008) Mechanisms and functional implications of adult neurogenesis. Stop for a deep-fried cicada on a stick! [Heterozygous reeler mice (HRM) B6C3Fe a/a-Reln rl/+ strain and WT littermates]O’Mara S (2005) The subiculum: what it does, what it might do, and what neuroanatomy has yet to tell us. (1929) [mouse]Salay LD, Ishiko N et al (2018) A midline thalamic circuit determines reactions to visual threat. J Comp Neurol 222:461–471. A. MaloineRose M (1929) Cytoarchitektonischer Atlas der Großhirnrinde der Maus. Nat Rev Neurosci 9:65–75Nullmeier S, Panther P et al (2014) Alterations in the hippocampal and striatal catecholaminergic fiber densities of heterozygous reeler mice. Visiting China or Thailand? Mendeley Neuroscience 275:404–419. Region CA3 combines this input with signals from EC layer II and sends extensive connections within the region and also sends connections to strata radiatum and oriens of ipsilateral and contralateral CA1 regions through a set of fibers called the The hippocampus also receives a number of subcortical inputs. J Anat 207:271–282Oka Y, Ye M et al (2015) Thirst driving and suppressing signals encoded by distinct neural populations in the brain. [GAD67-GFP knock-in mice]Muraoka D, Katsuama Y et al (2007) Postnatal development of entorhinodentate projection of the Neves G, Cooke FM et al (2008) Synaptic plasticity, memory and the hippocampus: a neural network approach to causality. Neuroreport 10:1329–1334Urbán N, Guillemot F (2014) Neurogenesis in the embryonic and adult brain: same regulators, different roles. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 20:11–21. As shown in the figure, the structure itself is curved and subfields or regions are defined along the curve, from CA4 through CA1 (only CA3 and CA1 are labeled).

Zotero Categories: Encyclopedia. RefWorks [Knock-in GAD67-eGFP crossed with C57/Bl6]Huggenberger S, Moser N et al (2019) Neuroanatomie des Menschen. Epilepsia 50:1979–1990. Cell 132:645–660Tricoire L, Pelkey KA et al (2011) A blueprint for the spatiotemporal origins of mouse hippocampal interneuron diversity. The Allen Mouse Brain Atlas includes a full-color, high-resolution anatomic reference atlas accompanied by a systematic, hierarchically organized taxonomy of mouse brain structures. Nutritious, edible insects including grasshoppers, beetles, wasps, worms, cicadas, and caterpillars are paced with vitamins and minerals and are eaten by people around the globe! This general layout holds across the full range of mammalian species, from hedgehog to human, although the details vary. The human hippocampus has a basal position in the telencephalon but, regarding its fine structure, is very much alike that of the rodent hippocampus. The disruption of this circuit by decline of neurons of the entorhinal cortex is a hallmark of human Alzheimer’s disease which leads to a loss of the short-term and long-term memory. Topologically, the surface of a cerebral hemisphere can be regarded as a sphere with an indentation where it attaches to the midbrain. W. Engelmann, LeipzigMitsuya K, Nitta N et al (2009) Persistent zinc depletion in the mossy fiber terminals in the intrahippocampal kainate mouse model of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy. [Man]Caronia-Brown G, Yoshida M et al (2014) The cortical hem regulates the size and patterning of neocortex. [C57BL/6J + several transgenic mouse lines]Parent MA, Wang L et al (2010) Identification of the Hippocampal input to medial prefrontal cortex. Elsevier, AmsterdamRamòn Cajal S (1911) Histologie du Système Nerveux de L’Homme & des Vertébrés. Brain Struct Funct 217:5–17.

Papers Gallyas F, Farkas O et al (2004) Gel-to-gel phase transition may occur in mammalian cells: mechanism of formation of “dark” (compacted) neurons. series of narrow zones. In: LeDoux MS (ed) Movement disorders, 2nd edn. Cereb Cortex 23:460–476. J Comp Neurol 185:393–422Timm F (1958) Zur Histochemie des Ammonshorngebietes. J Neurosci 28:12328–12340.

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