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Be sure to cook food thoroughly and refrigerate or freeze food promptly.Washing your hands thoroughly can help prevent the transfer of salmonella bacteria to your mouth or to any food you're preparing. While much is known about the human infectious cycle of salmonella, scientists have yet to understand how the bacteria escape the gut to spread infection. Life-threatening complications also may develop if the infection spreads beyond your intestines. For example, strong stomach acid can kill many types of salmonella bacteria.

The bacteria can attach to the cells lining the intestines where they produce toxins and attack the intestinal cells. However, in certain people — especially infants and young children, older adults, transplant recipients, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems — the development of complications can be dangerous.If you can't drink enough to replace the fluid you're losing from persistent diarrhea, you may become dehydrated. Salmonella food poisoning (Salmonellosis) is an illness that can occur if live Salmonella bacteria enters the body. Typhoidal serotypes can use this to achieve dissemination throughout the body via the mononuclear phagocyte system , a network of connective tissue that contains immune cells, and surrounds tissue associated with the immune system throughout the body. They may also ask for a stool sample to find out which bacteria has caused the infection.

Your doctor will monitor you and, if you are very ill, may admit you to hospital.

The people most at risk from life-threatening illness are the very young, the elderly and people with an already weakened immune system.If you have these symptoms, you should visit your doctor. But some medical problems or medications can short-circuit these natural defenses. Salmonella is a bacterium commonly found in the intestines of humans and animals. Most people are infected with salmonella by eating foods that have been contaminated by feces. Salmonella bacteria typically live in animal and human intestines and are shed through feces. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission.Check out these best-sellers and special offers on books and newsletters from Mayo Clinic. Wash your hands after you:Cookie dough, homemade ice cream and eggnog all contain raw eggs. Although Salmonella is most often spread when a person eats contaminated food, the bacteria also can be passed between people and animals. Warning signs include:If salmonella infection enters your bloodstream (bacteremia), it can infect tissues throughout your body, including:People who have had salmonella are at higher risk of developing reactive arthritis. Humans become infected most frequently through contaminated water or food.Typically, people with salmonella infection have no symptoms. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.Beef, poultry, eggs and raw milk all can carry Salmonella bacteria.Salmonellas are a group of bacteria that can cause food poisoning. If you must consume raw eggs, make sure they've been pasteurized.Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Epithelial cells line the outer and inner surfaces of the body, such as the skin and gut, and form a continuous protective tissue against infection. The salmonella doesnt cause diarrea, its what the body does to get rid of the bacteria. It can also be found on raw meats, poultry, eggs and in unpasteurised milk.

They live in the gut of many animals. Most healthy people recover within a few days without specific treatment.In some cases, the diarrhea associated with salmonella infection can be so dehydrating as to require prompt medical attention. Your body has many natural defenses against salmonella infection.

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Infection also can occur if you touch something that is contaminated, including pets, especially birds and reptiles, and then put your fingers in your mouth.Factors that may increase your risk of salmonella infection include activities that may bring you into closer contact with salmonella bacteria and health problems that may weaken your resistance to infection in general.Your body has many natural defenses against salmonella infection. Preventive methods are especially important when preparing food or providing care for infants, older adults and people with weakened immune systems. Your risk of acquiring salmonella infection is higher if you travel to countries with poor sanitation.Salmonella infection is usually caused by eating raw or undercooked meat, poultry, eggs or egg products. A single copy of these materials may be reprinted for noncommercial personal use only.

Stomach or bowel disorders. Many different animals and pets can carry these germs. But its still a symptom. The usual symptoms are:The illness is sometimes severe and admission to hospital may be necessary. Diarrhea may last up to 10 days, although it may take several months before bowels return to normal.A few varieties of salmonella bacteria result in typhoid fever, a sometimes deadly disease that is more common in developing countries.Salmonella bacteria live in the intestines of people, animals and birds. It is important to drink plenty of water so you do not become dehydrated.Food poisoning is an illness caused by eating food or drinks contaminated with harmful bacteria, or chemicals called toxins.Cross contamination from raw poultry is one of the main causes of food poisoning at home.Cross contamination is when harmful bacteria are accidentally transferred from raw food to ready-to-eat food.Sign up for our latest healthy eating and recipe updates.

The agency is seeking ways to increase the safety of spices.Many foods become contaminated when prepared by people who don't wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet or changing a diaper. Commonly infected foods include:The Food and Drug Administration also indicates that some salmonella outbreaks have been traced to contaminants in spices.

The incubation period ranges from several hours to two days. Owning a pet bird or reptile.

Salmonella is a group of bacteria that can live in the intestinal tract of many different animals.

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