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Very muscular dogs also overheat faster.“There’s so much heat coming from their muscles,” says Justine Lee, an emergency critical care veterinarian, author and CEO of VETgirl, who’s based in St. Paul, Minn. “Dogs like greyhounds, boxers or pit bulls are sprinters, not milers.”On the other hand, pups classified in the American Kennel Club’s working, sporting and terrier groups typically make good running buddies given their natural endurance and drive.No matter your dog, get the green light from your vet before any runs, then build up Fido’s endurance slowly, as you would your own. “Work on helping him overcome those fears at a slow pace before taking him for a run where you’ll encounter those scenarios,” she says. If you have never taken your dog to a run before, there are a few things to consider. Heat stroke, or Here's a handy chart to help you determine if it's too hot for your dog to be outside. It is treated with intravenous fluids and other supportive treatments, including possible plasma transfusions and treatments for kidney failure and gastrointestinal damage.Despite aggressive treatment, there is still a 50% mortality rate in patients who present with severe heatstroke, so remember that prevention is key to keep our pets safe from this danger.Use this data and our hot weather pet safety chart, along with some common sense (after all, you know your pet best!) Before You Run Together. For more information, visit

In the summer, you should factor in humidity, too. ACTIVE is the leader in online event registrations from 5k running races and marathons to softball leagues and local events. Run early, before the heat takes hold, and be prepared to slow down or stop if your pup can’t keep up. Imagine, then, what summer running must be like for actual dogs, animals that are forever cloaked in fur coats, with high resting body temperatures (100-102 degrees) and a specialized circulatory system that warms their paws like wool socks. Are you sure you want to delete this family member? Spring and summer months mean more time spent outdoors and longer walks with your furry friend, but sunny days and high temperatures can also wreak havoc on your dog's health if they overheat. Stay in the shade and ideally near a lake or stream where your dog can take a cooling dip. There are lots of virtual options to keep you active and engaged — just select “Virtual Activities” as your location, and you’re ready to go.Adding family members helps ACTIVE find events specific to your family's interests. So if you’re training at your 5K pace, maybe do it without the K-9.Also, look for cues that your dog is actually enjoying themselves: An upright or wagging tail says he or she is happy and likely wants to keep going.Watch for added stressors, too, like large crowds, loud noises or busy streets, Robinson says. Avoid exercising or walking your pet at peak temperature hours or on especially hot or humid days. On the other hand, when is it too hot? If all four of his feet touch the ground with each stride, he can likely sustain that speed for a while. Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs In general, with plenty of water, air circulation and shade, most dogs will probably do okay in warm temperatures up to about 90˚F. And panting, their main defense against heat, is much less efficient when it’s humid.The summer heat is hairy for our furry friends at best, and those complications are compounded when we leash them up and take them running.Of course, that’s not to say you have to run without your best friend until fall. And make sure he’s a whiz at walking on the leash before trying to run. Policy terms and conditions may vary by state or province.Petplan insurance policies are administered by Fetch Insurance Services, LLC (Fetch Insurance Agency, LLC in Michigan), d/b/a Petplan (Petplan Insurance Agency, LLC in California) and underwritten by XL Specialty Insurance Company, a Stamford, CT Insurance Company, A.M. Best rated A+ and AGCS Marine Insurance Company, a Chicago, IL Insurance Company, A.M. Best rated A+ and a member of the Allianz Group, in the U.S. and XL Specialty Insurance Company - Canadian Branch in Canada.

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