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"I know it's powerful.

Harry Potter. Share; Report this Tutorial.

We also connect the head and body to get the neck. So now we have a guideline for drawing wide trousers that are part of the Gryffindor uniform.We are left with only small details.

Making Harry Potter wand using Paper. I used items that I already had lying around the house and in my craft cupboard. You all know the stylization of the Hogwarts uniforms under the uniforms of the best universities in the world.

Thank you!

Skip to main Here we draw the main circles in the base shape. Let's hope my other wands turn out just as good. 2 years ago

This step is optional, but will go a long way towards making your wand more accurate.

You can choose any colors for your drawing, however, aristocracy and style will be preserved if you select muted, not bright colors.In conclusion, we would like to remind you that your comments and feedback are very important to us. In this step, we outline the contours of the nose, mouth, and chin.If you have correctly drawn the line from the third step, this will be a very simple step.

:) Using your craft knife, carve the last 4 inches (10 cm) or so of the wand so that it gradually gets thinner towards the end (again, adult supervision is required at all times during this step!) Very good and easy to follow instructions. The back of the mantle looks like two oblique lines that start from the armpits and go down to the side of the legs.In other words, we simply draw an acute angle and circle it from the lateral sides.So we continue the guide on how to draw Harry Potter. Look carefully at our sketch – you can see a very wide right sleeve, which practically fits with the top edge to the upper edge of the arm.In fact, drawing hands is a rather difficult thing. The left leg looks like a straight line, and the right leg forms an obtuse angle.

At about half the height of the head, we draw a horizontal line.Great, and now we will outline the hands. (NOTE: If you are using knitting needles or chopsticks for the wand instead of dowel, you can skip this step, as most knitting needles have pointier tips anyway)I also scraped the top layer of wood off the remainder of the wand's length (leaving the handle), to give the dowel a more natural, carved look.I experimented with a couple of different methods for this part, before eventually settling on what I thought was the easiest and most accurate. The magic wand should have a smooth narrowing. Step 12. The chest should be significantly wider than the pelvis.Let’s draw the sticks in place of the arms and legs. The entire plot of the end of the Harry Potter series relies on the fact that Harry won the allegiance of the Elder Wand by taking a different wand from Draco Malfoy, the current master of the Elde... Stack Exchange Network.

So Voldemort sent a killing curse to the rightful owner of the Elder Wand. Type in the verification code above Suggestions How to Draw Hedwig from Harry Potter. Try. 2 years ago

Large joints are indicated by balls.So we have an approximate sketch of the figure that helps us to maintain proportions and shows the wizard’s pose. We did a special The magic wand is the main weapon of the wizard. This is the head, chest, and pelvis. - Harry Potter on his desire to give up the Elder Wand in favour of his own wand. According to the Then, using a marker pen and the measurements supplied above, you should mark out where each section of the wand will be.This step is optional, but will go a long way towards making your wand more accurate. My main interests right now are Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

The great thing about acrylics is that they dry relatively quickly, so you don't have to wait around for long. 2 years ago

We create new lessons based on your desires. And now there will be a very important step. If you see any errors, correct this before we start working with colors.University uniforms always have an aristocratic connotation. Using a large acute angle in the area of the trunk, we outline the medial edges of the mantle. You can see this hero with tousled hair on the covers of books.

We also outline a strip in the lower torso.And now there will be a very important step. In this guide, we will tell you how to draw Harry Potter. Tweet. I didn't have any around the house, so instead, I mixed some of the lighter brown paint with a little black until I got a colour I liked.

We also outline a strip in the lower torso. But we decided to draw a hairstyle with neat styling on one side.Add small items of clothing. Feel free to substitute any of the items for anything else you may have at hand (for example, knitting needles or chopsticks would make a suitable base for the wand)You should also have some reference images to guide you along with this project.

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