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“It was like going back in time, which is why this collection is called ‘Pasatiempo’ (which means ‘pastime’ in Spanish),” he says. Dresses (35) Designers.

Chalayan (35) Models. Through music, and movement, and enjoyment of life, they make the best out of their predicament.” By this, Chalayan refers to the country’s turbulant history; its time under Spanish colonial rule, its revolution in the 50s and its troubled relationship with the US.
Hussein Chalayan was born in Nicosia, Turkey.

As we discussed in the studio, citizens are more aware of the Earth after the high pollution from fossil fuel. Filter by. The effect is mesmerizing in its ambiguity: the loose white fabric covering the LEDS blurs and distorts the images so that they seem to pulsate in and out of existence.Twice named “British Designer of the Year”, Hussein Chalayan is one of the most innovative, experimental and conceptual fashion designers of the present.

Typically, he presents iconic dress forms as actors, as in his meditation and commentary on the burkha, transforming what is ordinarily a commercial presentation into a performance piece or installation art. Furthering his technological trend, Chalayan unveiled the collection entitlledTwice named “British Designer of the Year”, Hussein Chalayan is an internationally regarded fashion designer renowned for his architectural tailoring and progressive use of new technology. Needless to say, the audience broke into rapturous applause. Hussein Chalayan is known for his unconventional methods in fashion design, combining traditional tailoring with advanced technologies to challenge our perception of what a garment is, or can become. There were just 4 weeks from the go ahead to the show, demanding a very pragmatic approach: no exotic components or materials, just off the shelf components and standard manufacturing techniques.Hussein Chalayan’s video dress on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo 8. Drawing inspiration from design, science and art, he is one of the …

The last model wearing a similar dress delicately stepped into the middle of the table, lifted it up and transformed it into a skirt.

This dress is an edition of one that was first shown in Chalayan's spring/summer 2000 collection.

His spring 2008 collection Hundreds of lasers were integrated into each piece, attached by custom-designed, servo-driven brass hinges. Women (35) Category. HUSSEIN CHALAYAN Dresses for Women. “The way Cubans live, for me, is very important.
$1,919.74 $537.53 $ 537.53. One dress displays hazy silhouettes of sharks in the sea whilst the other shows a time-lapse sequence of a rose blooming then retracting. He’s also a self-described narrative designer; something he confirms in a new film which discusses this season’s collection and marks ten years of collaboration with Swarovski.

In what was one of the most spellbinding moments of SS16, Hussein Chalayan’s Paris Fashion Week show closed with two models standing under a shower, their clothes completely dissolving. Chalayan’s experiments with crystal led to the creation of the LED Dress in Autumn/Winter 2007, featuring 15,600 LEDs layered behind the Swarovski crystal components; the extraordinary Lazer Dress for Spring/Summer 2008; and Kaikoku, a floating dress that released 50 crystal ‘pollen spores’ in Autumn/Winter 2011. It was a spectacle that bordered on performance art, or perhaps even scientific experiment. He does this, even when it requires a certain level of risk – like attempting to dissolve two dresses in water in front of a live audience. This wasn’t, however, an exercise in theatricality for the sake of theatricality – this is Chalayan, fashion’s "storyteller" after all. “In order to create really inspired clothes,” he says, “I create stories.”This season’s story was inspired by a recent trip to Cuba.

Resources are really limited by that time. In the future scenario we had created, it is a high technology and resource scarcity world. For a start, he’s a compositional designer, industry-renowned for his masterful pattern cutting and draping – as evidenced by his SS16 collection. “But if you don’t take risks in the world,” he says, “Nothing happens, you just stay static.” Furthering his technological trend, Chalayan unveiled the collection entitlledReadings, on screen, eshewing the conventional runway. Two-in-one dresses that transform with a single tug were shown as part of London-based fashion designer Hussein Chalayan's Autumn Winter 2013 collection at Paris Fashion Week (+ slideshow).

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