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The surface of Titan is almost completely abandoned with the only way of easily seeing that man lives here, is the orbital ring, Kronos (named after the king of the titans and the titan of time) along with the space elevators going up to this ring. An object traveling through a Ring treats the wormhole as a higher-spatial corridor between the linked points, effectively reducing transit times to near-zero values, though time does elapse. Tartarus is also the second (or second to last) stop on the Acheron. It is the only moon in the Plutonian system that is completely abandoned, it was originally home to an outpost of about 100,000 people, but this one was later abandoned. Luna has a series of launch loops these are only 80.5 km long. Mercury is the first planet from Sol with a day-night cycle of 176 days. Eris is the most massive dwarf planet. The ‘dark’ side of the Luna was, before humanity began to spread to other planets, home to several radio telescopes because they were blocked from the chatter of Terra. Though some of them have been so polluted they are officially uninhabitable and should be replaced (most notably Himeros). With a total population of 500 million people, Pallas is overcrowded and doesn’t have clean air. So can anyone give me a good explanation (maybe even a picture) of how the Ring looks like both on the outside and the inside? The first step was building thousands of massive orbital magnets, these magnets created a magnetic field, after this the gasses and water were brought in and massive orbital mirrors, only a few millimeters thick but hundreds of kilometers wide, heated the poles letting out water, this process continued and when finally bacteria, mosses and eventually even plants were introduced the oxygen level rose. Metis is the single largest supercomputer in the Sol system, or anywhere for that matter, the computer has a processing power of 4.2 septillion calculations per second. Caelus has relatively slow winds when compared to other gas giants and the gravity is not that much stronger than Terran gravity, therefore it was the perfect place for settlements and it is in fact the only gas giant in the Sol system that has people living permanent lives in its atmosphere. In order to get on or off the moon one needs to go into 1 of a series of orbital launch loops, which launch craft at extraordinary speeds away from the moon or slow them down. The major export is waterice and water from the plumes. Makemake has 1 moon which is the location of a massive liquid mirror telescope. The Acheron arrives at Charon on Sisyphus’ Mountain, a colony located on one of the few mountains on the moon.

The surface is also home to a communications disk which was abandoned in 2803. Still the main use of The rings of Neptune are a massive ice mining location and the location of several space stations. It is to the rest of Jovian system as what Mercury is to the inner Sol system. The overall colonization of the moon was halted and many people even want to abandon it completely as to leave the life undisturbed. Reddit. Pinterest. The moon is also home to countless subsurface cylinders, spinning to generate gravity. The Stanford torus at the top of the elevator is called Port Tharsis.

After this 17,000 km space elevator was finished many more ships were launched towards Mars, mostly from Borman station, Gagarin station and Luna. Luna sides with Terra in almost all conflicts and when it doesn’t, it usually stays neutral. The series is set in a future where humanity has colonized the Solar System. 92% Upvoted. The Ring network represents the pinnacle of transportation technology, rendering feasible effective superluminal travel and the subsequent galactic colonization.

The German Nihilists in The Big Lebowski. The ring also has turbines attached to it that generate energy from the constant winds, the same design is used in all other gas giants. Most people on Europa even live in small underwater cities near these reactors and just tap into the power grid. It also was one of only 3 pandemics to ever go interstellar, infecting people in not only the Sol but also in the Alpha centauri system. Submarines bringing materials to the underwater factoriesTitan is the largest moon of saturn and the 2nd largest in the Sol system.

Twitter. Most people live inside O’Neill cylinders that have been put inside the icy crust.

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