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Cheat Index is the website to find them! After her defeat, Verderinde tells Gretchen that the humans she just saved were going to kill themselves and the world, and that was a shame that they would end in disagreement. She confronts Gretchen and Heinrich for the first time in Episode 12, as she send them and the young alchemist Minukelsus to a dark dimension created by herself. © 2019

Looking for cheat codes? To the Fires […] After Faust's defeat, Verderinde appears again revealing that she was not dead and kills Faust with the Black Death curse, to make him pay for killing her and the other witches. As the final boss, Verderinde appears as an armored creature and uses the spells of the other witches. Until Next Time… – Force Faust to retreat. After that she will only appear as a boss fight in Episode 16. As she dies, the dimension which she created starts to disappear, and Minukelsus keeps the exit opened as Gretchen and Heinrich escape from there, he, however fails to escape from the dimension and dies. Sunday, August 2, 2020 Following the outbreak of plague amongst the human population, Verderinde and her witches were accused of its spread and were subsequently hunted and executed.

For xbox360,ps3 releasedate outnow. Fire Fighter – Defeat the witch Holda.

Verderinde was one of the witches killed by Faust and the Inquisition after being accused of spreading the Black Death over the land. Flying, very strong normal and dark magic, a magic staff, flying blades, her powers are greatly increased by the shards of Anima del Monde, as she acquire control over the elementsTake your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Verderinde is a boss character and antagonist in Knights Contract. AWEESOME! The bitch I mean the witch is back, Verderinde level boss is still alife and the last level boss. She, then, reveals that she was using Faust all along in order to take all the shards of Anima del Monde for herself and have her revenge on humanity. He was an ally of the Inquisition who killed witches with the excuse to repel the Black Death, while his desire was actually to take their power and become immortal.

Verderinde is the leader of the witches, a main villain and the final boss of the game Knights Contract. Trophies: Bronze trophiesBone Collector – Defeat the witch Straeggele. Faust is a main villain from the videogame Knights Contract. ... Knights Contract - All Boss Quick Time Events (QTE) - Duration: 12:54. shoe478 26,525 views. The Black Death assails Europe, and the Witches are to blame. Thing is, they've come back... and they're pissed. Stone Crusher – Defeat the witch Verderinde.

The last awesome battle vs. Verderinde, loot at the finishing strike.

Enter Heinrich Hoffman and Gretchen, an unlikely pair of a Witch and her chosen Knight, who are out to kill the witches for good this time. Knight's Contract. Hair Cutter – Defeat the witch Rapunzel. Decapitated or put to the torch, seven witches are killed.

One hundred years before the events of the game, Verderinde was the leader of a group of witches who had dedicated themselves to helping and protecting humanity. Storm Stopper – Defeat the witch Trendula. In the boss fight in Episode 16, Verderinde is very weak, as her attacks are easy to dodge and she is very vulnerable to magic, probably due to the fact her intent was to fake her death. Ice Breaker – Defeat the witch Trude.

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