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Called "Q-bursts", they are produced by intense lightning strikes that transfer large amounts of charge from clouds to the ground and often carry high peak current.It is now believed that many of the Schumann resonances transients (Q bursts) are related to the The existence of Schumann-like resonances is conditioned primarily by two factors: Other planets, meanwhile, do have storms and lightning. As they freeze, ice particles become separated from the water drops by convection, building a charge, which is discharged as lightning. and PaleomagnetismBiological Earth has the most complex weather system in the solar system, thanks to our complex planetary composition, with its atmosphere, ice caps, seasonal variations, the impact of mankind, and so much more. Lightning On Other Planets. Other possible analogs for lightning on exoplanets are terrestrial volcanoes that produce lightning during an eruption inside the plume Hey-it's an interesting subject, so sue me. On Earth, lightning forms because colliding ice crystals and water drops inside clouds create positive and negative electric charges which become separated by convective forces.

Yup-I'm back to this old topic again.

Could this brew become electrically charged and generate lightning? A characteristic Schumann resonance diurnal record reflects the properties of both global lightning activity and the state of the Earth–ionosphere cavity between the source region and the observer. But they have never before found lightning on a planet orbiting a star other than the sun. Yup-I'm back to this old topic again. Watching storms is a particular favorite; nothing feels better than watching a warm summer storm roll in over the horizon—the streaks of lightning and the roaring crash of thunder. Something similar happens on Jupiter. After several tens of fly-bys by Cassini, neither lightning nor thunderstorms were detected in Titan's atmosphere. Are their hurricanes on Uranus? \n. :roll: :D One of my first posts here was about violent weather on other planets.

Floods on Venus? Jupiter has enormous lightning-filled storms, and NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter will (among many other things) help us understand how deep into this cloud-covered planet the storms go. However the instrument picked up no signs at all. Gases, including water vapor, rise from deep within the planet. It has been speculated that extraterrestrial lightning (on other planets) may also be detected and studied by means of their Schumann resonance signatures. Consider this. Lightning on Venus -- as well as on any other planet -- is an important discovery because the electrical discharges drive the chemistry of an atmosphere by breaking molecules into fragments that can then join with other fragments in unexpected ways. Whistler waves have been detected in these huge dust storms, and some visual evidence of lightning has also been found. Optical and RF wave measurements from spacecraft have yielded evidence of possible lightning activity on Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. One of my favorite things about planet Earth is the remarkable weather patterns that are continuously shifting and affecting life around the globe.

Lightning is as beautiful as it is powerful – a violent, hotter than the surface of the Sun electrical marvel. All data and theoretical models comply with a Schumann resonance, the second eigenmode of which was observed by the Huygens probe.

When Voyager 1 flew by Jupiter in 1979, its imager captured areas nearly as big as the U.S. lit up by lightning in Jupiter’s clouds. The swirling of different particles in the midst of these storms will create energy differentials, which will eventually build up within these “clouds” and be released. "The energy in the lightning flashes is a lot stronger than terrestrial lightning." New Horizons cameras captured lightning flashes on Jupiter ten times as powerful as anything ever recorded on Earth.

You will find all kinds of similar physical processes on most of the other planets. Why Hurricanes Spin AntiClockwise in North and Clockwise in Southern HemisphereWhy Is It Called "Dead" Sea?

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