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(He even smiles occasionally.) A brand-new Dior saddle backpack sits on a couch next to several unopened Rick Owens boxes, which spill out of pristine Hirshleifers shopping totes. His face tattoos are no longer as vibrant as they were a few years ago, and there are two holes in the center of his forehead, just above his brow, where two rubies used to jut out from his skin.

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And not because of this experience!

Most of the SoundCloud kids crashing the gates of the music industry were teenagers with bad tattoos and matching attitudes: their bars woozy, their lyrics as substantive as high-school-bathroom graffiti. Then there was Uzi, a five-foot-four kid with acid green dreads who name-checked Marilyn Manson and called himself a rock star. Uzi's hair, unbraided, sits wildly atop his head like Justin Timberlake's frosted tips. Jump to.

You're like, ‘Wait a minute. I really do it just to make my family happy.

“Lil Uzi isn't even human,” Abloh explains to me in an email. The floor looks like Christmas morning in Aspen—all tissue paper and black Chanel shoeboxes—and on a coffee table Uzi has assembled a mini library of fashion books by the likes of Comme des Garçons and Gucci, which are covered by Visvim trucker hats in approximately six different colorways, tags still attached. 4,661 Followers, 26 Following, 220 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lil Uzi Vert Fanpage (@liluzivert.2020) Facebook. Uzi, however, elevates the form of the fit pic to a high art—at least according to friends and collaborators such as Virgil Abloh. If you haven’t been keeping up, Uzi relentlessly (and very carefully) archives each of his looks with a detailed slideshow. “He is another level of a creative being. Lil Uzi Vert On Lil Peep's Death: 'We Been On Xanax All F**king Year' He reveals frightening details of what one sober day is like for himself. I just gotta take it.”Uzi, however, elevates the form of the fit pic to a high art—at least according to friends and collaborators such as Virgil Abloh. The posts almost always lead with a full-body shot, as though Uzi is off to his first day of school. “I ain't gonna lie. When we speak, it has been 653 days—an eternity in the streaming age—since he released his last album, Between snaps in the supermarket, I ask him how important music is to the Lil Uzi Vert project. During this year's Pride Month, Uzi I ask Uzi what compelled him to start posting fit pics.“Um, I don't know. I always wanted to do that, but I just didn't have a lot of clothes before,” he says. In the store, if I try on shit and I'm too small, I'll be upset, bro! “I never try on shit,” he admits. Rihanna and Lil Uzi Vert dance Uzi’s “Futsal Shuffle” during Rihanna’s Fenty Social Club party on Instagram Live Friday night. But his verses showcased a rare versatility: Uzi could rhyme with the precision of a seasoned M.C.—Unlike that of his contemporaries Tekashi 6ix9ine or Lil Pump, Uzi's material excess isn't trite and nihilistic. Log In. But I usually just one-time things.”)“I like making music, and I like making people happy,” says Uzi, “but the music is whatever, bro. He got the matching top too, which looks like a bulletproof vest with shards of black lace erupting from the shoulders. Like, it's just something for my family to talk about.”When I ask Uzi why he said he was quitting music last year, he is more circumspect, his voice lowering.When I ask him to elaborate on why he wants a multimillion-dollar supercar, he launches into an exegesis about how it would be a psychotic thing to do, how the maintenance costs make it a terrible investment, how you have to get it serviced every 2,500 miles…but he desperately wants one anyway.“I just want it, bro! Accessibility Help. Sign Up. We're there to workshop fits for the following day's shoot, and Uzi wants to show us something he just picked up from Dover Street Market: a black knee-length skirt, covered in zippers and tactical pockets, by avant-garde Japanese label Sacai. See more of Lil Uzi Vert … This is the first time I tried anything on,” Uzi says as he pulls on the Sacai skirt.

It’s rarely a series of mirror selfies—usually someone else is taking the picture—and on average, there are five or so photos showing off every element of his outfit, whether it be While it’s hard to choose the best looks that Lil Uzi Vert has given us over this past year, there were some undeniable highlights. Lil Uzi Vert might not have invented the Instagram ’fit pic—it’s as old as Instagram time itself—but he proved himself a master of the form this year.

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