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Provence is a geographical region and historical province of southeastern France, which extends from the left bank of the lower Rhône to the west to the Italian border to the east, and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Marseille is the second-largest city in France after Paris and the centre of the third-largest metropolitan area in France after Paris and Lyon. It is the third largest by size. As a port city that receives an unbelievable amount of ships in and out of the harbour, Marseille is a prime location in France for immigration. Marseille is a city in the south of France in the Bouches-du-Rhône department. Discover more Now it is the home arena of the football club “Olympic”.In 2013, by the decision of the European Commission, Marseille was chosen as the cultural capital of Europe.The thickness of the walls of the oldest Marseilles church – the Basilica of Saint-Victor – is three meters, as it was outside the city walls and had to defend itself against enemies.During the war, the German troops completely blew up a whole region of Marseilles, not responding to their notions of the beautiful.
The port of Marseille is noted for its cruise ships, freight ships and commerce.In 2017, it was selected as the European Capital of Sport. From 2011 ferry shuttle services operate between the Old Port and Pointe Rouge; in spring 2013 it will also run to l'Estaque. by Greeks from Focea, which is actually Turkey. As a permanent human settlement, it was established in 600 BC by Greek sailors. It is the second largest city in France. It is served with garlic sauce rui.The Cathedral of Marseille is the largest of the temples built in Europe in the 19th century.In Marseille there were filming of the cult film of the 1990s “Taxi” and its sequels.Another attraction of Marseille – the stadium “Velodrome”, which took two mundialya and the same European championships in football. La Marseillaise, French national anthem composed in one night (April 24, 1792) during the French Revolution by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle, a captain of the engineers and amateur musician. The World has changed and so must do the way we travel and explore with kids. It was one of the very first seaports that the Greeks established in Western Europe and was also the first settlement grated the status of city in the entire country of France. They landed at Lacydon Creek, now known as the Old Port area, and called their city 'Massilia'. It came to be called ‘La Marseillaise’ because of its popularity with volunteer army units from Marseille. It seems like eBooks for children are good for family health!
They are included from small to medium companies.Azur Promotel, CMA CGM, La Provence, Compagnie maritime d’expertises, and SNCM are the major companies housed in Marseille.The port of Marseille is very important in the development of tourism. It is also the driest major city with only 512 mm (20 in) of precipitation annually, especially thanks to the Mistral, a cold, dry wind originating in the Marseille was originally founded circa 600 BC as the Greek colony of Massalia and populated by settlers from Phocaea (modern Foça, Marseille continued to prosper as a Roman city, becoming an early center of Marseille lost a significant portion of its population during the Great Plague of Marseille in 1720, but the population had recovered by mid century. There are also ferry services and boat trips available from the Old Port to Frioul, the Calanques and Cassis.View of the "Petit Nice" on the Corniche with Frioul and Château d'If in the backgroundContemporary engraving of Marseille during the Great Plague of 1720.The entrance to the Old Port, flanked by Fort Saint-Jean and Fort Saint-NicolasThe MuCEM, Musée Regards de Provence and Villa Mediterannée, with Notre Dame de la Majeur on the rightThe Calanque of Sugiton in the 9th arrondissement of MarseilleEuromed in Luminy, near the Calanques of Sugiton and MorgiouMarseille Provence Airport, the fifth busiest in France. Follow the mole! Marseille is ranked 86th in the world for business tourism and events, advancing from the 150th spot one year before. Nothing is better than a pandemic to change the way weIt’s a great moment for eBooks for children, they are shaping a new way to learn. of offices dedicated to multimedia activities).The port is also an important arrival base for millions of people each year, with 2.4 million including 890,100 from cruise ships. Le Vieux Port: The old port is one of the best-known parts of Marseille and its streets are lined with restaurants and cafés. The high-tech economy is the current trend in the city today.You can find thousands of companies in Marseille. Marseille is … It is the capital of Bouches-du-Rhône département and also the administrative and commercial capital of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, one of France’s fastest growing régions.. Thus new parks, museums, public spaces and real estate projects aim to improve the city's quality of life (Parc du 26e Centenaire, Old Port of Marseille, numerous places in Euroméditerranée) to attract firms and people. With its beaches, history, architecture and culture (24 museums and 42 theatres), Marseille is one of the most visited cities in France, with 4.1 million visitors in 2012. By the 1950s, forty percent of Marseille’s population was made of Italians! About 1.5 million people live in the country, and about 1.3 million in the city itself.

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