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1, a new series that is sure to appeal to fans of the TV series! But wait, there’s still a bit more. In Thankfully, Orlando not only brought him back, but changed Extrano from looking like this:So, with the help of Extrano, Midnighter goes to Hell, faces off against legions of demons, fights Neron, the King of Hell himself, and ends up bloody and battered, but still alive when Apollo is freed.Remember when I wrote that this book was a huge middle finger to “Bury Your Gays”?

But will Midnighter know who Dick is? Art Steve Orlando story, Fernando Blanco art, Howard Porter cover. It is, in fact, literal text.Apollo’s words — the words that Steve Orlando wrote — are a full-blown rebuke against “Bury Your Gays.” In another story, Midnighter might have sacrificed himself to resurrect Apollo or vice versa, but not here.

There is no “Rebirth” banner on the covers.

Key Info Rebirth. Dick's Nemesister… which makes any of their previous flirtation a little more incestuous.

Title Midnighter and Apollo.

The demand for the book in trade paperback proved the title was striking a bigger audience than weekly sales implied, so with "Rebirth" DC gave the green light to a brand new series, "Midnighter and Apollo" - not only reuniting the duo, but giving a gay couple a headlining comic of their own. Publisher DC Comics.

Alex: In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, in 2015, Steve Orlando and ACO launched a new Midnighter series as part of DC’s DC You initiative. Midnighter and Apollo became heroes at the start of their career, just figuring out their feelings for one another. Rebirth honors the richest history in comics, while continuing to look towards the future. So Dick Grayson has got his secret identity back. Technically, I’m slightly cheating with this one, because Midnighter and Apollo isn’t exactly a DC Rebirth book. Oh dear.Talking of keeping things in the family,  thankfully, these folk don't have a Nightwing clue anymore.Head writer and founder of Bleeding Cool. Midnighter and Apollo #4. Technically, I’m slightly cheating with this one, because The characters of Apollo and the Midnighter first appeared in However, this was 1998 and even though times had changed in regard to diversity in comics, the changes were still incremental. They were used in Paul Cornell’s This solo series broke up Midnighter and Apollo and used the character to explore more in depth themes of violence and sexuality.

Not anymore.So Midnighter and Apollo escape Hell, stay in love, and get their happy ending. Here and now, Hey, remember when DC editorial got cold feet about showing Midnighter and Apollo kiss?

Of course he does. When Apollo and the Midnighter became major characters in Ellis’s Eventually, that changed and Apollo and the Midnighter were allowed to kiss and even marry, adopting Jenny Quantum as their daughter even. Well, Batman and the Batfamily, obviously, including Damian Wayne, as seen in today's Nightwing Rebirth #1. He's family after all. When DC acquired WildStorm in the mid-'90s, DC acquired the rights to Stormwatch and The Authority, and, in turn, the rights to Midnighter and Apollo.The two characters first appeared to be a pastiche of Batman and Superman in Stormwatch, and they were core members of The Authority, which is equal parts a satire of traditional superhero teams and over-the-top, cinematic action. And Extrano makes a surprisingly poignant and meta speech.This is what the book is about: love, acceptance, and, above all, hope.

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