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Spending his entire career in Charlotte may have limited his national exposure, but Walker has been this same bracing force for some time. He's averaging a career-high 20.4 points per game while downing 38.1 percent of his threes and a gaga 55.2 percent of his twos. These will be ordered based on our assigned championship odds. He too often disappears in the backdrop. Gordon isn't The Magic won't soon trot out Gordon without another setup man. And he is shooting 42.5 percent on 3.3 catch-and-shoot three-point attempts per game.Collins is much more than the 21.6 points, 10.1 rebounds and highlight-reel dunks you've seen of him. Concern for his defensive progress is fine, but his long-range touch—which he couples with a fair-weather ability to put the ball on the floor, albeit in slow motion—gives way to a matchup-proof quality that cannot be undersold.Jonathan Isaac would've earned much higher placement if not for a left knee injury that might end his season. He has perfected the arc and timing of his floaters and ranks in the Atlanta's offense is not elite with Young on the floor (Put a more established supporting cast around Young, and the wins and losses should take care of themselves. His second jump is absurd, maybe even on par with a prime Shawn Marion, whose playing weight was 60-plus pounds lighter.Offensively, the next steps for Zion are probably a more consistent jump shot and a bit more playmaking for others. Defenses go under him, and he doesn't have the speed to make them pay off the bounce or the nerve to uncork enough jumpers. Lillard's style, similar to Curry's, is inoculated against that wart.And yeah, in the grand scheme of things, his intangibles matter. They have an .815 winning percentage; no one else is clearing .780. Who has an answer for that?Apparently no one. So, in addition to entering play with the Association's How many bubble-based Nets do you actually know? Paul's game is made for that balancing act. The idea that he's not as much of a neutralizer is, frankly, a little absurd—like his job description.Finding another player who bears his burden at both ends is almost impossible. If he's not matchup-proof, he's pretty damn close. "I wasn't acting like a 31-year-old, I was acting like a 13-year-old," Love told He was the veteran presence the young Cavs needed from that practice on. The margin of separation is so, so very thin outside the top 35.Williams' slight reduction in prominence accounts for the difference. For the third straight year, Toronto is surrendering Giannis Antetokounmpo, DeMar DeRozan, Khris Middleton and Brandon Ingram are the If you're thinking this placement is over-ambitious for a 19-year-old rookie who has only played 565 minutes, you're not alone. If he does that, Toronto could remain a title contender for the foreseeable future.As for defense, there aren't many question marks there. He routinely shape-shifts based on the Toronto Raptors' depth chart and lineups.Last year, this meant deferring shots and possessions to Kawhi Leonard and the rise of Pascal Siakam. This week's NBA Power Rankings will be unusual. It's almost like the undersized boxer is working way inside the range of his taller opponent.Eric Bledsoe is one of the league's best among point guards. Plopping him beside a cast of players with finite floor games themselves during those minutes only exacerbates the issue. There are actual stakes attached to these bubble-based battles now as the league starts the seeding games with a two-tilt slate Thursday night. His three-point volume and efficiency never took off, and mid-range jumpers have been almost entirely New Orleans has done a nice job of establishing his fit, even when he plays with Zion Williamson at the 4. Devin Booker earned his All-Star debut, Deandre Ayton threw his hat in the Most Improved Player race, and Ricky Rubio stabilized what had arguably been the worst position group this side of the Process.But this team isn't quite ready for the bright lights. He now wields a more consistent touch between What's most impressive about Ingram's arrival isn't the leap itself but its endurance. And officials often can't help but blow the whistle.Getting all those scoring possessions at the line has a compound effect. He's converting A lack of size (6'1") has not hindered his capacity to make plays inside the arc. pitchfork-carriers.Every time someone tries their hand at sorting the NBA's best, his name invariably appears in front of a few others who seem to deserve more due. And he doesn't need credit for team success, even though the Oklahoma City Thunder's net rating is His 10.9 points, 9.4 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 1.1 blocks and 0.9 steals per game might sound modest, but that has at least a little to do with his playing time.

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