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Everyone drives to Patterson instead!The Nob Hill in Newman is a joke! Most times the checker and bagger are talking crap about people that are in break, their babies daddy, etc. We follow the highest food safety standards and are committed to sustainable practices. I live nearby, this plaza has excellent parking, and I'm able to shop at times when it is less crowded. That's why you'll find a large selection of natural and organic foods in our stores. The prices are outrageous! Now on we gladly drive to Patterson for cheaper prices on groceries .We appreciate your review, Ness. My kids love their hot French breads in the early weekends. Look forward to seeing you again soon!This review is mostly for the online shopping. When I looked in the aisle with serving and cooking dishes for bowls to put these salads in, there were none. They seriously just ignore the customer. George was great!

We are continually striving to provide the best service! COVID update: Nob Hill Foods has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. We will be in touch with the store Director regarding this issue.Its a ok store prices are kinda high but hey tgats all there is in these crummy town.We appreciate your review. Checker put 4 items that did not require refrigeration in the bags. I have even heard a "good morning" as I browsed the meat aisle. I talked to a meat inspector and they recommended changing stores. !Hi S.D.

Even though it was early in the morning she was super friendly and willing to help me find cheese. They have pickup and delivery with Instacart! Can I not look around the storeMy go to grocery stores especially for their quality meat and produce. Sometimes you can't. i notified him that his suggested substitutions would be fine, and I received them along with the rest of my order. The store is on par with the Nob hill in Livermore and the Raley's in I shop comfortably and have my groceries bagged and the cashiers for the I don't usually shop at Raleys/Nob Hill because of the When you shop with us, you can expect locally-grown produce, fresh meat and seafood, high quality products and award-winning customer service. I will be in touch with the store Director regarding your concerns.I moved to Newman and have gone to Nob Hill grocery store to shop. Fresh produce fresh deli meats and butchery fresh fruits and vegetables. I will be in touch with the store Director regarding this issue.I must commend Nob Hill. )We are so sorry to hear about your experiences in our store, we will contact the store director about these issues with the deli and meat departments. For the most part due to the workers.

I used to get sandwiches from the deli but every time I would get turkey with mayo and cheese only I always got the taste of fish ,so disgusting . That they came from Mexico and not to expect anything to last more than two/three days..We sincerely apologize for your experience at this store. I ended up having to bag my own groceries. While I received my delivery order about an hour after the end of the requested window due to the number of orders, I received almost everything I ordered! Again no phone number for assistance, so I phoned the store and explained what had happened. I asked this young gentleman to help me with self check out because I'm not familiar with the self service. Customer service could use some improving as it's very common for checkers and baggers to carry on a conversation while you're being rung up, yet you the customer gets zero acknowledgement until they hand you your receipt.

They've never said hi, or did you find everything, or do you need ice. Thank you for taking the time to reach out, and we hope to see you in again soon.Tired of Nob Hill's high prices. Everyone drives to Patterson instead!Thank you to all the amazing people that work so hard to keep food on the shelf's for twelve years we have been shopping here Thank you and stay safe take care of each otherThanks, Lisa. Another bad experience, I bought Chicken and potato from its Delly and after eating them.

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