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All rights reserved OPay appears to compete against Uber, Bolt in Nigeria with OCar You can decide to withdraw anytime you wish, or only withdraw your interest into your OPay balance.After 24 hours, login to your Opay App and head straight to the Opay Owealth saving plan ss the highest in Nigeria at the moment with more relaxed plan using the power of financial technology.OBus is for those and corporate organisations and individuals that want to embark on a journey within and outside Lagos.

See more. We can’t confirm if it would be extended beyond Wednesday. OCar, once fully functional, will be accessed via OPay’s mobile app. Or the promos are only meant to benefit the user and not the drivers? ... “The bulk of the drivers were already hit by the Lagos ban months ago,” Alonge said. Similarly, there are reports alleging that ORide is exploiting the drivers on its platform as their reality is a far cry from the perfect picture of the monthly salary (₦200,000) and flexible working hours OPay advertised to them. At some point, it’s going to come down to who is offering both drivers and passengers the best deal. OCar is the latest addition to OPay’s suite of services, including OFood, ORide, OList, OLeads, OTrike and OBus, in its race to become a super app . The reason for the discontinuation of the aforementioned services, according to Opay, is due to the harsh realities of doing business necessitated by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Collapse. OPay is currently offering OCar rides from and to any destination within Lagos for just NGN 200.00, so long as the fare is priced below NGN 2 K.And it would be foolhardy not to bet on existing users and new users jumping on this promo as was the case when ORide Through the offer of insane discounts and promos, ORide, OPay’s bike-hailing service, has become the biggest growth enabler for OPay.Barely two months after it launched in Lagos, ORide expanded to Ibadan — one of Nigeria’s largest cities. So far, only Lagos has been activated, according to OPay.OCar’s choice of launch locations hints at an attempt to compete with Estonia-owned ride hailing company Bolt (formerly Taxify) which also has presence in the same states (excluding Kaduna and Abeokuta, where locally-founded first-mover, American-owned Uber, however, has presence in only Lagos, Benin and Abuja. For instance, if your phone number is 070876543280, then your OPay account number will be 70876543280.So how can you top up your OPay balance?

OCar is a taxi hailing service similar to Uber and Bolt. It is one of the products of the OPay which focuses on motorcycle hauling sector to solve transport challenges, particularly in major cities like Lagos, Ibadan where heavy traffic is one of the major problems.To enjoy ORide discounts while you use the service, both customers and the rider will have to download OPay App from Google Play store.To become a rider for OPay, you must the following requirements:Almost late for work and want to beat the traffic? It is referred to as a second-factor authentication device.When carrying out a transaction on the Internet banking platform, you need to press your token at a point and generate a six-digit number to consummate that transaction.It could be funds transfer or any of the other services available on the Internet banking platform.The Second-factor authentication available via the token is meant to protect your Internet banking or transactions against fraudsters.In case you misplace your token device and you need to do Internet banking, you can simply generate a token number through a USSD code and consummate your transaction on the Internet banking platform.At the time of publishing this guide, OPay is the BEST mobile wallet in Nigeria at the moment.The launch of OPay USSD code by Opera, other mobile wallets in the market have got a huge task ahead of them.In this post, we’ll show you how to apply and get OPay OKash loan in Nigeria within a few seconds without any document.The lending app or platform is owned by OPay, one of the subsidiaries of Opera Inc. OKash App was launched in March 2018 in Kenya where the mobile wallet is known by even farmers in the interior villages.It is a platform where you can set up account select their preferred bank account, link their active bank card for repayment, fill out a set of questions, and get a decision on their loan application in minutes.However, you may not all these in Nigeria provided you already have Very simple! All these point to possibly even lower fares on OCar.In fact, OPay claims that the 15% commission reduces to 3% after drivers have done 20 trips within the same week. OPay is Nigeria’s Meituan-Dianping, a super-app that allows users to everything right on an app. The latter are more of everyday touchpoints for the average Nigerian, as opposed to cars which are perceived a luxury.Techpoint reached out to OPay for clarifications on the OCar business model but as of press time, we are yet to get an official response.The article has also been updated to reflect confirmation that only one of the 8 proposed cities — Lagos — has been activated for now.Nigeria’s proposed logistics regulations have been met with various reactions, though licencing fees seem to be suspended, other details behind this r…2020 © Techpremier Media Limited.

And it’s common knowledge what happened when the then-Taxify As is standard practice, intending OCar drivers are to sign up with their cars on the platform, get verified and accredited before onboarding. Given OPay’s penchant for discount-heavy promos and other aggressive marketing tactics, a price war in the often-overpriced cab-hailing segment in Lagos and beyond may well be on the cards. Kunle disclosed that the company is working with major global remittance companies around the world.According to him, “We will start facilitating remittances to Nigeria with these partners, ensuring the best fees and exchange rates, speed and security.”The OPay Director of Remittances Services said his company will roll out a big-bang promo in December with lots of prices for recipients of money transfer “who receive their money directly into their OPay wallets.”Your phone number is your account number without the first digit.Kunle said, “I can only advise everyone who has families around the world to get an OPay Wallet.“They will get better value for these funds doing transfers to any bank, paying their bills, buying food and also using our on-demand transport services”With this licence, OPay has now joined other CBN-certified We’ll keep you updated when the promo begins in December 2019.Facebook Ads, Strategic Communication Expert, SMEs & Fintech enthusiast particularly interested in cryptocurrency and everything about blockchain technology.

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