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Even if there were competent people in charge of key ministries or state trading companies, the fabric of the economy was threadbare. The government knew when it was going to make an announcement about Yukos; an announcement that would send its shares up or down dramatically. He achieved this by co-opting into governmental and corporate posts his former colleagues in the security services, the Chekists.History proves that all dictatorships, all authoritarian forms of government are transient. The new people who were moved into the railways were ‘siloviki’, led by Vladimir Yakunin.Having succeeded so well with Asenenko, the siloviki turned their sights on a much more powerful figure, Mikhail Borisovich Khordokovsky of Menetep Bank and the large Yukos oil complex. They set about sabotaging the system, so they would be needed to restore it to order.The next shock was the order to close up the state trading companies. They could not ‘buy’ alumina from the alumina producers because they had no money to do so. Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska has until recently run Russia’s global aluminum company ‘Rusal’ and the investment company ‘Basic Element.’ At 51 years old, he is still spectacularly wealthy (worth $3.5 Billion), Jewish and the father of two children.

As soon as this was agreed the ‘siloviki’ moved in to prevent Asenenko from carrying on the reforms and putting himself at the head of the railway monopoly. In the last years of Yeltsin, the Chernoy brothers (then partners in TransWorld Metals), worked closely with Berezovsky, a close confidante of Yeltsin. These were not just large Russian companies with major businesses to run. However, they were still responsible and vulnerable to the political leaders and the KGB which had empowered them.One might well ask on what basis these oligarchs were chosen. As long as the ‘centre’ existed and functioned this planning model creaked on.This system functioned in Russia from about 1964 to 1988. How do I get money to buy food and keep studying?” he told the Guardian in 2007.He started working on building sites to bring in money and, deciding that his studies in theoretical physics were not going to take him anywhere, established himself as a metal trader. They, and their Mafia partners, have to stick with making money and avoiding Russian politics. Only democratic systems are not transient. They moved their children to England to get an education.

were provided by the enterprise itself as part of the compensation package offered its workers. They discussed the political situation in Russia and possible personnel changes in the government and presidential administration.Tatyana would suggest that they establish closer ties. Some, like Berezovsky and Gusinsky could be forced into exile, relinquishing their holdings at a deep discount before they left. The Was Deripaska a source for Christopher Steele’s dossier? They were milking the Yukos cash cow for months.What is important about Putin and the siloviki is that they have created a system of governance in Russia which, once again, effectively removes the linkage between the individual performances of a private company, a parastatal or an industry from the funds it generates. What did happen is that most of this money, in roubles, eventually returned to Moscow.When this money returned to Moscow it had to be used to provide a capital market for Russian factories and the ‘Red Generals’ of the factories who remained at their posts. official documents relating to the case and information provided by the administering institutions) are the main and preferred source of information. Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska has until recently run Russia’s global aluminum company ‘Rusal’ and the investment company ‘Basic Element.’ At 51 years old, he is still spectacularly wealthy (worth $3.5 Billion), Jewish and the father of two children. It would have had a hard time competing economically with several Third World countries.Communism contained the seeds of its own destruction. At Davos this year, Oleg Deripaska threw a party with champagne, Russian folk dancers and a performance by Enrique Iglesias.

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