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Even though some of the supporting characters sound the same, his delivery and inflection gives them that special something.Can’t wait for the second in the Quantum Earth Series. I found myself wanting to listen to the audio version of the bob books just because of how well done it was and it brought so much more life to the story and made it easier to separate and distinguish the different bobs. Outlander was amazing. What an amazing story. What has he gotten into way out there in the black ocean?Apparently I’m jumping on the bandwagon late. However, I think it would be interesting to explore how a Bob might develop if he focused on improving his intellect/compute capability and really embraced the machine side of his nature. What I like the most so far are the stories themselves – the outcomes and events are interesting and fun and in several cases fairly realistic. Glad you made the leap.I want to buy this book but in epub format, not kindle. Loved it.

It made more sense to un-publish the book first, because the new one will very likely be under a different ASIN (which means purchasers of the old edition won’t get the new edition).So for now, Outland is off the market. Maybe enough Outlanders understand the “Geography of Nowhere”, have worked or lived in cooperatives, will forward “A Pattern Language” and understand some human ecology – like Paul Shepard’s “Nature and Madness”.When will Outland 2 come out on audio? I think if I'd read this story in print, I'd have rated it 4 stars, but because my favorite narrator performs the story, I enjoyed it that much more.
After it was over, I just felt like "yeah that was a book and it was good" no real wow factor or anything.

The combination of Dennis Taylor as an author and Ray Porter narrating has become one of my favorite combinations. Until then i’ll just pick up Singularity Trap I regretfully did not make it a priority earlier. It’s being re-edited, and will be republished sometime by summer or thereabouts.Lincoln NEB has over 8 hospitals, I don’t think all the doctors would leave, over 8 colleges ditto, and a large train s complex where after the ashfall rescue trains could go East looking for survivors. As soon as I saw that there was a new audiobook out combining these two talents, I knew I had to have it. In early March of last year, Gabaldon posted the the titles of the first seven chapters of the novel, names which include "The MacKenzies are Here!" If you need any insight about ships, military, or inner office naval politics just let me know.I mainly joined to see how a fully staffed naval vessel worked together than an actual military. I have had Outland in my Kindle file for a while now and just got around to reading it. I should have it finished by summer 2018, then it has to go through the audio publishing grind, which takes a few months.Release date on Audible is May 16, 2019.

Love your work. Right now, the only way for me to read this (and your other books) is to pirate it, which I do not want.So, please, can you provide me a way to buy an epub file?The books are only available on Amazon. This grandeur is one of the aspects that make Outlander shine. The story lines flow from one book to the next and together they form and epic tale that is rich in both settings, characters and historical events.

Is it out?, what’s its title?, and when will it be on audio?Working title is “Earthside”, but no, it’s not out. Congratulations. The book finally took off. Velociraptors???? So happy to hear that a sequel is in the works for this world as well as the Bobiverse. I’d name them, but I’m still pre-coffee, and right now I can barely figure out the keyboard.

Started listening soon as it downloaded. What sort of Alien cultures do you imagine?Have not been to Japan.

Can’t get the fascination of readers in the US with those. I’ll send out announcements when books come out.I just finished Outland. Dennis E. Taylor even uses some of the same character names from the Bobiverse.

I would never have found wild side if not for your website and I liked it.What got me started on the idea of writing was a spectacularly unsatisfactory book that I’d bought on Amazon. Can’t wait (but I suppose I have to, unfortunately) for the sequel.I just finished Outland and enjoyed it immensely. Could you please write faster?Is Outland available as an audio-book?

Do your fellow office mates know of your writing?Thought that might have been the case.
Taylor's new series.

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