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Translation: "I am in the mood for love. Feed him as frequently as possible throughout the day, and as much as you can get down him at each feeding. Bernard, and S.M. Check the ears to see if this is the issue. 1993. Norberg, and D.D.

What They Do: Rabbit turns its back to you and sits or lies down, without even looking back. 1979. Very relaxed rabbits will roll onto their sides or even on their backs. She was on antibiotics for months and went through various periods of syringe feeding. A diagnosis as to the cause of the problem is frequently made after elimination of other possibilities. Since they have been with us they run the house from wakeup to bedtime and they love it. The "down" eye (the one facing the floor) will usually not close and will require eye ointment to keep the eye moist.Lack of balance is what causes rabbits to "roll" and be unable to stand, so I try to pick them up as little as possible. Regardless of the cause, most cases of head tilt have similarities. The Biology of the Laboratory Rabbit, Academic Press, Inc., Orlando, FL.Smith, D. T., and L.T. He seems to be very happy if he's not roaming around he is on my husbands lap, my lap or on our coon dogs back.

Flopping. Therefore, try to place them in a cool area with plenty of shade and give them water, making sure they remain calm. i have three rabbits 2 male 1 female all of them are vibrating so much all the time.is this because of heat because they vibrate in hot temperature only but all the time I trust you." He is eating and drinking plenty of fresh water throughout the day. Rabbit comes up to you, gives you a nudge, and puts his/her head down to the floor in an extended position with ears at the side of the head and awaits your attention. 273-278 in S.H. Touch their stomach, nose, ears and back gently to help flow of digestion and respiration. Everytime I put my hand in the hutch & go to stroke him he lies really flat down on the floor, tummy & chin low on the floor with his ears flat against his body - almost like a bowing position. He shakes constantly and I don't know whether to worry or just pass it off as him not being used to my home.

It is important to look for other signs along with shaking episodes. Sadly though one pasted away from an illness and we had to move. Weisbroth, R.E. I adopted 2 rabbits almost 4 days ago. While freezing temperatures are a different story, they are generally able to endure cold. She also has a lump on her back right leg. Depending upon the size of your rabbit you can usually figure out how to confine him to a smaller space (perhaps a sweater box with the higher sides).

38:187-189Mitchell, D, and E. Riggs. We put a baby gate up to separate them from each other because the male is constantly trying to jump on her and he's so much bigger than her. Clinical Microbiol. 1993. Med.

so iilet my bunny run around my house and I have a dog and a 10/11 week old bunny and I was letting them run around to gether since we got her a week and a half ago but wen I went to the batheroom for about 4 min and I come back my dog standing next to her but she was laying on her side and I made she wasnt dead and she wasnt but she is brething really fast not that shacky but her heart is beeting really fast but also her heart feels like it keeps skipping a beet and it has been 20-30n min since what to do?HELP What is you opinion on the shaking and getting them fixed?

Flatt, A.L. Is she okay? One is a male who is a little over 3 years and the other is a female who I was told is around a month and a half old. Med. 1986. If exudate (pus) is found deep in the ear canal, a culture and sensitivity should be done in order to determine the bacterial agent and which antibiotics will be most effective in eliminating the infection. What should I do? A waxy build up with require Shaking at all times is not normal and it’s a sign that something is not right. You have displeased your rabbit in some manner. However it may be necessary for a rabbit to be on antibiotics for 6 months or even for the remaining years of his life. Biol.

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