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However, his life can be extended through 100% life steal from his auto attacks. This shield lasts for six seconds, however, after half of its duration has passed, Sion can activate the ability again to detonate the shield, dealing damage to nearby enemies (damage also scales on max HP and AP). Glory in Death. Through this, it has given rise to champion who have extraordinary amounts of crowd control, high base damage, and are naturally tanky / sticky, such as Sion.Sion has an amazing kit with decent damage throughout the whole game. When he collides with an enemy he deals damage and knocks them up based on the distance he has charged. If he charges for enough time, enemies hit by the swing will also be knocked up and stunned.Sion shields himself and can reactivate after 3 seconds to deal Magic Damage to enemies nearby.

His attacks become very rapid, gain 100% Lifesteal and deal bonus damage equal to 10% of his target's maximum Health (max 75 to monsters). Not every set of laws accountedCompetitive Fortnite is generally focused around the PC.

YORICK IS HELPING : Glory in Death no longer fails to activate in cases where Sion is targeted by Yorick's Omen of Death, doesn't trigger the revive effect and then dies later on in the match Q - Decimating Smash

Glory in Death's health drain has been lowered for higher levels and Sion's health regeneration growth stat has been lowered a bit.

The setup that is required, Sion does not bring to the table.

Movement speed will improve . The first enemy minion or non-epic monster hit will be shot towards the cursor, extending the range of the damage area. "Sion's been climbing the ranks towards Mundo-hood when it comes to overall longevity and, couple that with the 2015 changes to regeneration, we have a real monster on our hands.
However, all his existing abilities will be replaced with one movement skill giving 50% decaying ms. Once he transforms, Sion will regain his max health, however, the health will deteriorate automatically at an exponential rate. The longer the cast time, the higher the damage.

The knock up from his Q and R are also Esports and the law have had a somewhat strained relationship at times.
He can use ANY items, the most common items being built and used are Randiun’s Omen, Blade of the Ruined King and Youmuu’s Ghostblade.Sions provides a lot of utility in the form of CC. Passive – Glory In Death. Death Surge. Current Bonus: 0.1 Active: Sion shields himself for 50/75/100/125/150 (+0.4) (+f 2) ( 8/9/10/11/12% of maximum Health) for 6 seconds. Sion’s passive further increases his damage ever after he dies, as he gains max health damage and attack speed after ‘Glory in Death’ triggers.Once Sion’s health has been full depleted, he will reborn into another form granting him max health damage every auto attack.

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Cone is at 16 degrees and starts 800 range behind Sion's center. If the shockwave hits a minion or monster, it will be knocked back, damaging and slowing all enemies that it passes through.Sion charges in a direction, ramping up speed over time.

He loses health very quickly. If Sion is killed, he comes back, dealing tons of damage on each auto attack and gaining 100% life steal. Glory in Death. Thanks to team OG’s timelyEden Malta Vibes is back at it again for Week 5 of the event. Sion abilities – Skill breakdown Passive: Glory in Death.

Or slow with frozen mallets's passive?

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