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lolsDrink mountain dew after leaving the gym, that is why you fail lols, this goes to those that want to reduce their weight and size but can’t stop taking sugary things.When you finally install solar power on your house, this reaction always occurs in the most African country where there is no electricity; everybody is always looking for another way to generate electricity. In the family, we always have these young ones that love disturbing everybody in the house.

Lols. This meme can be used to motivate someone that is looking down on itself.When you are using the urinal next to someone Lols. Although most of them believe is a way to avoid unwanted guys lol, this meme can be used to mock them.I should keep my identity secret, trust no ones; even your blood brother can betray you, that is the truth. These are simply the best funny stuff made on the internet just for you! tweet; Previous article 70+ Middle Finger Memes. This meme can be used to crack them up.The Skywalkers, if you are looking for a meme that is plain comical, If you have a friend a love watching star wars, this meme is what you can use to put a smile on his/her face lols.If you have this friend that loves speaking grammar anytime you are having a conversation with him, this is the meme you can use to mock him.

lols. lolsYou can’t win Anakin, most of us like star wars and video games. It is a legacy that is still on going until now.Every new release of this movie, brings a lot people together, especially the fans. It’s my 40th birthday!” 96) It all starts with 40th birthday memes. This is yet another cute and simple way to wish him Happy birthday dad, i got the present, let your dad feel loved by sending this meme to him on his next birthday.Happy birthday, that is the thing i have not wish for a long, from a father to son, make your son happy on his next birthday by sending this meme to him.This goes to the star wars meme lovers, so if you have a friend that is a fan, you don’t need to disturb yourself on what to give him on his birthday, just send this meme.I hope a happy birthday you have. Lols. This is one of the best memes you can use to motivate your loved ones.Do women know what they want, no. Let him understand that you did not forget his birthday.

Some friends in this world are not caring at all, can you imagine. “Happy 40th birthday you magnificent buddy!” 92) “40th birthday kisses” 93) “Happy 40th birthday. This can be used to send a good laugh to your younger ones. If you have a friend that is addicted to it, this meme can be used to make them smile.There can be no mistake this time; no one is above mistake as they always say.

lolsThis is another scary meme in which only star wars fans can understand lols. This meme can be used to confuse those that are yet to watch star wars.lolsWe are not getting younger; we get old. Lol. Most … Not funny, but when you add a VR promo to the mix and little quip that says: “fulfill all your lightsaber dreams” with the still from that very scene below it… well, you’ve got a pretty hilarious meme right there. We strongly advise you to watch the movies first, as the Star Wars jokes might spoil the joy.When you walk into the kitchen, and your mom asks if you are hungry, the reaction is always amusing anyway as most guys don’t know how to cook. You’re kinda a big deal today.” 94) “Hey! lols. Lols. When someone who loves it celebrates his or her birthday, maybe you can indulge that person by giving him or her related gifts or sending him or her some Star Wars birthday meme that he or she would surely understand and love. Lols. You can send her this meme to make her day filled with love.When 900 years you reach, not as good as me you will look. lols. A lot of kids want a Star Wars themed birthday party, even. Most of the time, we care about our phone more than ourselves.

SHARE. This meme can be used to put a smile on their faces.When your parent leaves the house, and you are the oldest sibling, most of us have found ourselves in the situation before in which you can do as you like since your parent is not around, some even maltreat their younger ones lols.We all have this type of person in our life most especially those rich ones, if they call you and you don’t pick, don’t even bother calling them back.lols. Patti Inspirational Quotes. Sending this meme to your friend is another way of motivating them.You were the chosen one; this is another meme that is funny enough to make him smile. Birthday Card Funny Star Wars Husband Boyfriend Dad Son Brother Grandson Friend Greeting Happy Jedi for Him Her Joke LOL Pun Humour YODA Best 4.3 out of 5 stars 25 £3.25 £ 3 . The reaction is always great when you are a fan of star wars and found its awesome meme online.If i was the force then i will be with you, only star wars fans can decode this meme.

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