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Bocas has a great variety of waves, all accessible by boat. Lots of the explanations on this page come from them. SURFER Magazine Tide Location Bocas del Toro, Almirante Bay, Panama - 1.61 miles away About Careneros The boat option is best used to navigate around the slim island of Careñeros to check the surf at its northern tip. Bocas del Toro is Advanced and beginners talk about the waves of Bocas, as nothing to envy to the best ones in the world, Malibú and Indonesia to name a few.Bocas del Toro archipelago is a set of around nine main islands and hundreds of other small islands or cays, in the province with the same name in Panama.Bocas del Toro has the perfect location to make it a paradise for the surfer, with strong winds, waves, tides, tubes, beach breaks, reef breaks, waves of up to six meters and countless beaches that any surfer dreams of.7.1.3. Bocas del Toro offers world-class waves during surf seasons, which is usually from October to February and a mini-season during June and July. However, we could use some sunshine (as rainy season was starting on our side in Costa Rica), and we figured this would be the perfect excuse to discover the “other side” of Bocas del Toro. (507) It refers to the dialing of international entry to Panama, so if you are in the country there is no need to dial it.Bodyboard: Table to go lying down, it is smaller than surfing.Arm: Amount of water in a wave, which allows surfing.Hollow: Concave part of the wall and the arm of the wave, through which the surfer can slide.Left: Waves that break to the left of the surfer who is taking the wave.Wall: It is the part of the wave that rises and over which the surfer slides.Trace: Row towards the peak from the end of the wave.Surfari: Travel arranged for surfers, for that purpose.Take off: First maneuver and the most important one. (1 m).– Half meter: Waves considered medium, up to 1.5 meters high (1.50 m).– Last meter: Waves that exceed two meters in height (2 m).– Subway and medium: Waves that exceed 2.50 meters in height (2.50 m).– Bar: This type of waves tends to break in several parts at once, so it slammed the wall, not good for surfing.– Beach break, sand waves or shore: Waves that break in the sand on the shore. For the perfect holiday, choose from luxurious resorts, jungle eco-lodges and private island resorts to beachfront surf hostels and island-style bed and breakfasts. Surfing the Islands of Bocas del Toro is truly a world-class experience.The Caribbean Sea offers warm, crystal blue-green water and swells that can be enjoyed by seasoned veterans and beginners alike.The main surfing season is from December through March, when Northeast storms deliver waves in … This is indeed one of the most desired locations and used by surf schools in the area available for beginners as well as for intermediates.In Tierra Verde, both you and the rest of the group would enjoy its facilities and the majestic views of the place and its surrounding islands.It is only two minutes away from Isla Colon, where the most of the activities in the archipelago happen both during the day and night time.So during the daytime, you will have the opportunity to surf in its crystal clear waters in front of the hotel and at night you could go to the village if you like the nightlife in one of its spectacular bars and nightclubs.The hotel’s facilities and rooms, decorated in a tropical style, have:Double Suite: Two bedroom suite, located throughout the third floor of the hotel, designed for the most demanding tastes or large families, it has:In addition to surfing, both for you and the rest of the family or group, can do the following activities and enjoy these amenitiesMassage in the room: Some hotels offer you massage services, previous coordination with the hotel.– Bird watching in Swans Cay or Island of birds, turtles and beautiful red frogs.The climate in Panama is humid and warm most of the year, with frequent rainfall with a dry period that includes scarce rainfalls, and which is characterized by two periods:However, between the months of July and August, there is often a dry period, known among Panamanians as summer.Therefore the best months to surf are from November until April and during the dry period between July and August.Surfing is a sport that can be adapted perfectly to rainy seasons, and that’s why schools and guides offer it all year long, and even in rainy seasons, you could be surprised by of excellent waves produced by strong storm gales.We rarely think of having an accident when talking about vacations, however, accidents can happen at the least expected moment, especially when the attention and safety rules are not met.It never hurts to have extra precautions, and the addresses of the nearest health centers, as well as the local police, firefighters and the Emergency Management System in Panama (SUME – 911) at hand.Address: Avenida Norte, Bocas del Toro City (Bocas Town).Increase in prices in high season: Hotels and plane’s tickets tend to go up a bit in seasons where there are more visitors in the archipelago.– Holy Week (Thursday, Friday and Holy Saturday, joins the resurrection Sunday, March 29, 30, 31 and April 01, 2018).Communication: Keep constant communication with the connoisseurs of the place, for whatever you wish to organize:Staffs of the place where you stay, the employees of shops or surf schools and the locals are usually very kind and cooperative people.– It happens that people with an advanced level at any sport are trusted to be knowledgeable about the security standards to play it, being cautious is not related to the level of knowledge.

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