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Maybe some bits hanging out of machines.

You're trapped here!

The Doom Bible is the original design document for the game Doom. Have their names on some lockers, perhaps, or have the lockers respond to them. Could have demos of future ID games/projects, like Officer's Club: Contains drinking area and place for gambling. She was assigned to the Tei Tenga outpost after losing a bet which meant she had to pull an existing application to a better post. Storage Room: Accessible from the hallway or the kitchen. When the player died, a third-person camera view was suggested to be displayed - this was never implemented, however. He was, however, able to request a post on Tei Tenga, which allowed him to escape this annoyance.

Fade to black. The bases on the planet Tei Tenga used to be the glory posts, but lack of progress with the reasearch has cased money to be funneled away to the point of its current staff - a group of dedicated, almost messianic scientists and a skeleton crew of security people. Lucky is the player who figures out how to get in here. Paramo: Stow it, Barrett. Break Room: Messy, microwave, cabinets, tables, Rollee(tm) chairs.

for ads, as they will go "I've never seen that!") The object will be shown on the alternate character status screen. Window over view of dead guy-choice to continue if you don't control panel over view. Where the approved recreational activities take place, and where the soldiers train. For the injured soldier.

This contains the recreational facilities and the chapel. It is notable that in the released game, the Further possible NPC names are given as Roland Trague, Warren Apisa, Taradina Cassatt, Melanie "Butch" Bucelli, and Janella Sabando, but these names have no details associated with them. Thank You."). There are five soldeirs for each shower and toilet. Shooting Range: If the player shoots at a target, demons come out of the darkness behind it and attack. He wears a hat that says "BEOS", which is short for "Butt End of Space," an unofficial nickname for the Tei Tenga outpost. To get through the main security gates, you need a Colonel's Hand. V Nudie Calender on wall (Versions for each rating level, scaled GIF) Chapter 5 details various ways of ending a game, including "user abort" (deliberately exiting), death, and victory. Main labs for studies. 'Mere are kitchens, and a pipeline to the waste processing plant.

Should be at end of hallway, so demons are on your way out. Many of those attempts have, seemingly, been abandoned.

Huge vats of processing waste. (Can we mess up the sand in the jump pit?)

Gym: A bunch of gymnastic equipment, exercise floor, etc. The hall to the canyon glows read. Doomguy is thus three and a half feet tall. Contains supplies for the kitchen and chapel. There's an access elevator to the monorail system (for laundry), but the massacre prevents passage (the door is trashed). View of side of moon. Therapist: Hot tubs, rub down tables, etc. Need a Colonel's Hand. The following weapons were planned. DOOM /prude-------------------------------------------Cancels effects of bubbies parameters

There are also guest rooms here for VIPs. Windows in hallway: You can see out onto the surface, and the sky. You climb the rock walls, and look at your surroundings from the top of this extinct volcano: "Oh, hell..." This is the gateway beetween the everyday side of the base and the restricted, secret, much-coveted-by-the-player side. DOOM /backdoor-------------------------------------Skip copy protection on commercial I was thinking about a passcard, but this stands out, and is gross and unsettling. This is confirmed in his final battle with the Khan Maykr, who admonishes him as a once-mortal man who dared to deny her people's way of life. V Beefy chunklets flying off missile-exploded enemies Communications tower, this contains a huge antenna, comm equipment, and soon. Also, there is a tunnel to waste processing plant for organic garbage.

Annoying little bastards, The imps come in different flavors, with later ones firing spike and fire. Twin Terrors at the end of Episode one, these guys do the following: REVISION NUMBER .02. Computer Lab: NeXTs, and screen relate to each part of the base

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