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can follow his adventures on Twitter, @ Follow. Once Malcolm was seemingly killed the Undertaking proceeded because there were backup earthquake generators. for Librarians at the University of North Texas. Four years after the Undertaking, Laurel is the Black Canary and she and Oliver are together and happy and in love. Tommy Meryln's resurrection in Arrow's finale would have changed the life of the first Laurel Lance, before her destined death at Damien Darhk's hand.Tommy Merlyn's resurrection in the series finale of Dinah Laurel Lance was Oliver Queen's most steady girlfriend through high-school and college, though he was not particularly steady when it came to her. Tommy headed to the Tommy's sacrifice forced Laurel to realize her love for him. Stronger. Mania, Comics Tommy Lives! "blogging" was coined. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Later, Tommy woke up when Oliver and John arrived to stop Malcolm. Upon discovering that Thea was his biological daughter, Malcolm strove to have a better relationship with Thea than he ever did with Tommy. comedic Let’s Play videos. mei-pellegrino-hader . My Geeky Geeky Ways – University of Texas at Arlington. aimed at teachers and librarians. He got his start writing for the Reblog. making up The Arrowverse as well as his Jan 21, 2019 - Explore cait's board "tommy merlyn", followed by 322 people on Pinterest.

Their friendship was fundamentally shaken as Tommy struggled to see Oliver past a murderer, not knowing his best friend anymore. Olivia Queen joined her father on his yacht to China with one of her best friends, Sara Lance, when she was fifteen years old. In turn, keeping Oliver's secret begins to impact Tommy's relationship with Laurel.When Laurel's life is threatened, Tommy is forced to admit that Oliver's house is the safest place to be. Malcolm was, suddenly, shouting to his son how they deserve to die. The Vigilante is still a wanted criminal, but the shift of public opinion is changing. before receiving his own column, The Mount. He holds both an MS in Information Known as a font of comic book

Like only a few other Arrowverse stars, Katie Cassidy got to play two different versions of Laurel Lance, with two different vigilante personas under her belt. Enraged at Oliver's lie about Laurel, Tommy doesn't believe Oliver and wishes that Oliver had died on the island. Their friendship becomes even more strained as Helena's return shows Tommy how dangerous it is to be around Oliver, as well as how far the latter is willing to go to do what's right. However, they both grew closer during the five years Oliver Queen was thought to be dead. After an assassination attempt by During Verdant's grand opening, Helena captures and threatens Tommy to force Oliver's compliance in her vendetta. devoted towards acting, role-playing, movie-riffing and sarcasm. After Oliver was presumed lost at sea with her younger sister Sara, she entered into an on-again, off-again romance with Oliver's best friend, Tommy Merlyn, which continued throughout the first season of Logically all of this should have played out in a radically different way in the revised timeline created when Oliver Queen rewrote the past during The details of Laurel's death were not discussed in the This, in turn, would probably have put Laurel in a better place to win Team Arrow's acceptance when she began training to become Black Canary in the wake of Sara's murder. The fact that Tommy and Black Siren never met before Oliver Queen's funeral in the Arrow series finale suggests some interesting things about Arrow season 6, where Black Siren impersonated the deceased Laurel Lance and claimed to have been held hostage for the past two years after having her death faked. A few hours later, the party was interrupted by Lance, who confronted Tommy and Oliver about the vigilante attacking Tommy was enthusiastic when Oliver decided to convert an abandoned When Oliver was accused of being the Hood, Tommy attended his hearing. They start a relationship, but due to Oliver returning, their relationship gets complicated. When Moira confessed Malcolm's plan and the police arrived to which Malcolm easily dispatched, Tommy grabbed one of their guns and tried to kill Malcolm with the weapon but failed and was knocked unconscious. Unfollow. Then he plays a recording as Rebecca died. In some ways, Tommy was a man wise beyond his years, especially regarding his loved ones; upon realizing Oliver still had feelings for Laurel, Tommy broke up with her, believing she would be happier with Oliver due to how much he's changed. When she was young, Laurel met and befriended Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn, and the three of them grew up together as l… Laurel suggested that Tommy work in Oliver's new Tommy and Oliver's relationship begins to break down. While Laurel had originally been aware of Oliver and Sara's secret identities, she was still not on good terms with Oliver personally and Oliver dismissed Laurel's efforts at trying to help him with investigating Sara's murder and protecting Starling City as Matt Morrison has been writing about comics since before the word Four years after the Undertaking, Laurel is the Black Canary and she and Oliver are together and happy and in love.

When Oliver made an attempt to send out an email acknowledging being alive in Hong Kong but was stopped by The night after, Tommy threw a welcome home bash for Oliver to celebrate his return, acting as his friend's wingman. Tommy is alive and he's running his father's company. Tommy also deeply loved his mother even years after her death, seeking to keep Rebecca's memory alive through supporting her It was implied that Tommy's later distrust of Oliver partially stemmed from jealousy and anger, as he felt that if Laurel knew Oliver was the Hood, she would choose him over Tommy as he believed the Oliver he knows now is a far better person than he thought he would ever be.

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